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How to improve human memory, enhance learning, study skills and concentration, free tips, newsletters and articles by Martin Mak of Mighty Memory

How to improve human memory, enhance learning, study skills and concentration, free tips, newsletters and articles by Martin Mak of Mighty Memory
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"I Don’t Care How Bad You Think Your Memory Is, You Can Have A Filing Cabinet Memory By Tomorrow …. Guaranteed ! "

"At Last, A Remarkable, Proven Psychocybernetic System Has Been Developed To Dramatically Improve Your Memory And Learning Speed By More than 500% In A Matter Of Days "

And tons of useful information to improve your memory, enhance your learning, concentration and mental health.

We spam as much as you do and you have our solemn pledge that your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.

How often have you found yourself saying "I wish I knew how to improve my memory" ? Well now you can, faster and easier than you thought possible. The secrets of astounding memory improvement, accelerated learning and creativity will be unveiled to you today.

".. I quit my old life of failure, and became the successful person I once dreamt of being…. in what seemed like a matter of days…" Peter O’Reilly New York

Today, you will make a choice between mediocrity or phenomenal happiness and success in life, filled with endless possibilities!

Are you struggling in life with a poor memory? Are you embarr ed by the problems it brings? Are you suffering from information overload?

If any of these problems plague you, I know how you feel because I’ve been there myself. But you are on the brink of a breakthrough;

"there is definitely something you can do about your poor memory and it WILL work for you, GUARANTEED ! "

Are you an under-achiever? If you have a Ferrari that is capable of driving 200 mph but you can only push it to 40 mph and old ladies are p ing you by on the freeway, wouldn’t you want to bring it to the workshop to have it checked and save yourself the embarr ment?

The same goes for your memory and learning. Let’s face it, you know you can do much better if you only knew how to get that "winning edge". You can either lock yourself in the closet and cry about it or you can take a positive step today to make your life a much better one.

You need an edge and you know it. You have, sitting on top of your shoulders, the most complicated and advance supercomputer on this planet. Maybe even the entire UNIVERSE ! The problem is, the software for this great Bio-Psychocybernetic system has been missing for years and almost lost forever.

FACT: Did you know that the number of patterns of connections of your nerve cells in your head greatly outnumber the number of stars in this Universe? However, many of us don’t walk around like we have the most expensive, state-of-the-art computer in our head. Our performance in school and work fall way below our limitless potential. The reason for this is simple.

FACT: Did you know that Einstein just had an average-sized brain? If so, how did he come up with his revolutionary and groundbreaking scientific theories? The secret lies in the way we have been using our brain.

Imagine if you were taught the right way to think, the right way to learn and the right way to remember and be creative. Then imagine how this new skill could m ively enhance your life and your career, you could;

Based on the unpublished m cript of Professor Bruno Furst, who wrote on the subject of cognitive science. It is surprisingly simple to use, it gives highly effectively and lasting results. In fact, you may have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. It is the perfect marriage of two innovative technologies into one single unbeatable, powerful system.

Starting tomorrow, you will be able to plan your day ahead in your mind. You no longer need to rely on reminders, notes, post-its or other paper crutches. You will discover how to remember anything and everything from a grocery shopping list, product catalog, mathematical formulas, scientific data, historical dates, multiple credit card numbers, PIN and p words, telephone numbers and birth dates of everyone, yes, everyone you know, and more.

It doesn’t matter how bad you think your memory is now. I believe that you have a memory 10 to 20 times more powerful than you realize. But you need to have the proper brain tools to release your incredible memory.

By releasing the brain’s natural ability to learn, you will be able to cope with the demands of today’s information surge. The Mighty Memory System will teach you how to organise information to make your mind like a filing cabinet for easy retrieval of information.

Using the notes from the m cript of Professor Bruno Furst on the natural learning ability of the human brain, new concepts and ideas were conceived to help the human brain to break… Read more…

Get 400 Breakthrough Stress Tips Now!

Get 400 Breakthrough Stress Tips Now!
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"The most effective stress management techniques are the ones that prevent stress from occurring, and this guide is filled with creative, insightful and practical ways to do just that! For stressed and busy people who are short on time, it reads easily and delivers simple solutions for profound and positive changes. A real treasure!" .—Elizabeth Scott, M.S. …About.Com’s Stress …Management Guide

"We live our lives oftentimes mired in destructive habits of insecurity—habits that generate anxiety and stress. G. Gaynor McTigue has managed to compile a profound and unique array of eye-opening life strategies that offer the reader simple, effective and healthy alternatives to stress. If stress is part of your life, you can’t afford not to read this wonderful book." .—Dr. Joe Luciani …Author of Self- …Coaching: The …Powerful Program …to Beat Anxiety …and Depression

"In his insightful jewel, G. Gaynor McTigue delivers informed, specific tools to empower others to regulate stress and to achieve internal harmony. This entertaining reference will be an essential instruction manual in self-management." .—David Krueger MD, …Executive and Mentor …Coach

"If you’re looking for a variety of quick and effective ideas for lowering your stress level, you can hardly do better than G. Gaynor McTigue’s new book. There is literally a lot of something for everyone!" .—Jeff Davidson, … Author of the … 60 Second Organizer

"Open this manual anywhere and you will enjoy common sense solutions to life’s big and small problems. It is like having a wise advisor at your fingertips." .—Gloria Arenson, … MS, MFT, Author of … Five Simple Steps to … Emotional Healing

"Stress contributes to obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes. Adopting even a few suggestions from this book will improve your health." .—Miryam Ehrlich … Williamson, author … of Blood Sugar Blues

Do you have any idea what stress is doing to you?

Stop the stress now and you will reverse all of the devastating effects described above, restore your youthfulness and add years to your life. You’ll look younger, feel younger and most importantly stay younger…far longer than your peers!

..Your purchase license ..allows you to p along ..5 copies of this PDF ..program to friends, family ..and coworkers. (Resale ..not allowed.) Just attach to an email and send it . to them with your best ..wishes. A great value! .

Research by the American Medical Association has found that stress is a major factor in 75% of all illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes stroke, emotional disorders, and pre aging. This alarming finding underscores the urgent need to deal with this debilitating problem. And it begs the question:

Q. .If all the stress remedies out …..there are so effective, why is …..everybody still.stressed out?

A…Because they only relieve ……..your..stress.temporarily!

Stop wasting your time and money treating just the symptoms of stress. Download the breakthrough program that eliminates the causes, actually reversing the stressful habits and mindsets you’ve developed over the course of your life.

First and foremost, to immediately reduce stress…

…Read Strategy #121. Discover how to dispel …the relentless pressure, panic or anxiety you … experiencing right now. Read more…

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Royalty Free Coaching Products – You Keep 100% Of The Profits!

Royalty Free Coaching Products - You Keep 100% Of The Profits!
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Who is Sean McPheat? Affiliate Program Contact Us Order Now Customer Comments

Imagine keeping 100% of the profits with your own hot-selling coaching products, money deposited into your bank non-stop day after day – and the whole package is ready to be downloaded for you today!

"I am considered as Australia’s # 1 Youth Mentor here in Australia. I currently run several keynote presentation and goal setting programs called "I Roll With Dave"

I deliver these programs in high schools, unemployment agencies, drug rehabilitation centre’s and charity organizations. When I started out two years ago I was struggling with written content as I suffer with dyslexia (see my website for my bio) however on Facebook one day in the ads I saw your ad.

I straight away purchased your E Books and now use them as part of my workshops. Your E Books have increased my annual revenue by approximately $100K per year. The E Books have been used by drug addicts, maximum security prisoners, high school students all the way to corporate executives. I can’t thank you enough for this gold gem products that have saved me allot of frustration and time"

If you’ve been looking for a quick and easy way to offer a range of coaching products for your business then what I am about to offer you may be of interest.

I’m about to hand over to you a royalty free product package that will instantly catapult your coaching business profits in multiple profitable ways!

YOU can be making money from this exact same product package — starting immediately and without lifting even your little finger to write one report, one ebook or ecourse!

As you probably know already, having multiple income streams is the key to success as a modern coach.

If you are relying on income from only your coaching sessions, then you are missing out on a whole heap of profits by not offering ebooks and ecourses that make you money while you sleep!

The problem comes when you have to think of the products and services that you want to sell and then you have to find the time and the inclination to actually write them!

Each week I receive many emails and phone calls from coaches who ask me for advice on what ecourses and ebooks to write and how to put them together.

They tell me of their quiet desperation of wanting to offer these products but they cannot find the time or the creativity to put them together.

It takes too long. First you have to develop an idea for a coaching product and find out if anyone will buy it. It will take you months or even years trying to finish up one ebook… which eventually you don’t even know whether people will buy it.

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that make some coaching products work – while others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to create with just the right product, you can now have a collection of profit making coaching products for your own coaching business, ready to use and sell at your beck and call.

Why not use the exact same ebooks, ecourses

I have my own part-time coaching business and found that many of the subjects covered by Sean in the royalty free products where ones that where often needed by my clients. Purchasing the royalty free products has saved me many hours of sitting down and writing out the courses myself.

In one month I have already sold five courses and doubled my initial investment. If I only purchased the "unstoppable confidence course" for the asking price I would have got my money back.

Everyone can benefit from this course alone, including myself. All of the courses are well written and concise and can either be sold online or in a pamphlet format.

I cant wait for Sean to produce more as I now have more tools to use as a coach myself. Don’t hesitate to buy these courses as they offer outstanding value.

"I look forward to building an amazing "Coaching Practice"

"I’m a new Life Transition Coach and the products being offered are product’s my clients will truly benefit from. I will be able to offer e-courses with confidence, knowing my client’s are getting top notch e-courses I could have never put together myself.

As a new coach who has high hopes and expect ions, but lacking experience in writing copy, these products are right on time. It’s as if you stepped into my brain and saw the idea’s floating around and said "Hey I have the product’s you’re looking for, without the h le of writing them yourself."

I can’t… Read more…

Nurturing Your Inner Child Audio Download

Nurturing Your Inner Child Audio Download
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You can’t breathe, your thoughts are racing, and you might even feel like you’re having a heart attack. You’ve tried medication, but it’s not working like it used to–or it never worked at all. You can’t stand the anxiety and panic any more, and you want a solution that works.

I’ve guided thousands through an emotional healing process that heals their anxiety once and for all.

Her eyes were closed, and she was holding a precious child. But there was something unique about this child. It was actually a younger version of herself. It was her inner child, visible only in her imagination.

I have seen it happen again and again. Once you make a strong connection with the child within you, the fear and anxiety melts away.

As she continued to heal and nurture her frightened, wounded inner child, her anxiety slowly went away–and it never came back.

When you comfort and soothe your inner child, you are comforting and soothing your own emotions. Here’s how it works. Your inner child represents your emotional self.

Here is your chance to get to the root causes of your anxiety, and heal it once and for all. And you will be more calm, relaxed and confident on the other side.

My name is Dr. William DeFoore, and I’ve been helping people heal from childhood wounds and learn to love themselves for over 38 years. Inner child healing work is the core of a the utic process I have used many times to help people overcome their anxiety, depression and anger problems.

You know better than anyone how anxiety can interfere with your life. And you know how much you want that to change. And I know how to help you. That’s the winning combination.

I have all the degrees (B.A., M.A. and Ph.D.). But that’s not where I learned how to help folks with their anxiety. I learned how to help folks heal their anxiety through years of practice–and now I know what really works.

Now you will have the benefit of my experience, as you listen to the audio program, Nurturing Your Inner Child, which will guide you through the exact same steps I have used with hundreds of clients to overcome their anxiety and panic.

You may be the curious or intellectual type, who wants to know how it works, or why it works. Okay, I’ll tell you. First we’ll look at how your anxiety got started:

And here’s how relaxation, imagery and positive self-talk (all contained in Nurturing Your Inner Child) heal your anxiety:

The image of your inner child represents your emotional memories from the past, where your anxiety comes from. So, when you nurture, soothe and heal your wounded, frightened inner child, you’re actually healing your emotional self.

You will actually picture your inner child in your mind, and you will see the child afraid, frantic, panicked, and feeling all of the emotions you experience when you’re having anxiety or a panic attack. Then, as you follow the guidelines on this program, you will provide comfort and re urance to the frightened child. The most remarkable thing will happen–you will feel your anxiety subside as the child calms down.

I’ve found a way to solve your anxiety problem, and it’s right here at your fingertips. It’s a set of tools that you can use for the rest of your life to deal with any kind of stress, grief or emotional upset you might be experiencing.

You just want to feel good and confident. With anxiety and panic attacks, your entire body is in a state of distress, and this can lead to various types of health problems over time. When you use this program, you will not only feel better emotionally, you will be much healthier.

And how about your relationships? I know, they have suffered because of your anxiety. It’s unavoidable. When you feel more calm and confident, your relationships will automatically improve. And you will be able to achieve newer levels of intimacy and closeness with your spouse or significant other.

Sometimes it’s helpful to see what you’re getting. Okay, here’s a list of the actual tracks on this audio program designed to Soothe Your Anxiety Now. (Be aware that you won’t be able to jump to specific tracks when you download this to your computer. That option is only available on the CD.)

1. Introduction 2. Relaxation Process 3. Visualizing the Wounded Child 4. Your Original, Innocent Child 5. Visualization with Your Own Birth 6. Reparenting Your Inner Child 7. Sexual Guidance for the Inner Child 8. Your Brilliant Mind 9. Physical Health and Natural Healing

1. Accomplishment and Performance 2. Your Inherent Creativity 3. Affirmations Introduction 4. Connecting With Your Inner Child 5. Your Mind and… Read more…

Covert Control – How To Gain Covert Control

Covert Control - How To Gain Covert Control
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As the world once again enters another point of evolution, one thing is clear: Now more than ever, the ability to connect with others effectively is vital if you want to get ahead.

The people that were expected to rise to the top like the college grads and corporate giants are scrambling for ways to stop drowning while the “black sheep” of the late 90’s are now holding the key to the promised land.

Luckily for me, I realized this truth about 15 years ago when I had to face the harsh reality that I was NOT smarter, more talented and certainly would NEVER be more educated than the average person.

But I also knew I wasn’t going to spend my life working a 9-5 that I d while being controlled by someone else or amounting to nothing without ever making a name for myself somehow.

My mom worked in a kitchen for the public school system and my dad had a few businesses that never went anywhere and was forced to work a job that he d at 60 years old.

The thought of doing anything that even resembled hard work or manual labor was something I dreaded.

Fast forward to 2012. Here I am sitting at my computer making 6 figures a year right from the comfort of my own home with the freedom and ability to what I want when I want like take my kids to school and wait for them when they get off the bus.

If I really wanted to I could log onto Expedia right now and book a trip to go anywhere in the world….no boss to ask for time off….no schedule to adhere to…no one to answer to except my wife and kids.

Covert Control is basically a set of techniques that can be used to gain control over virtually any situation that involves interaction with someone else.

So in a nutshell, it can be used in just about any situation except when you’re sitting in a room by yourself staring at the walls.

For everything else, like job interviews, negotiations, dating, opportunities, etc. there’s this power of Covert Control which basically served as my “get out of jail free” card that I used to navigate my way through life as an average person with above average goals.

I used it to get jobs before I had my own business that college grads would have normally got way before me.

And all it really boils down to is having the ability to get the help you need from other people by having hidden advantage of being able to control the way they respond to your needs.

For example, did you know that studies have shown that you can completely change a person’s answer to a question by simply changing the way you ask it?

In one study by Stanford professor Elizabeth Loftus, four groups of people who witnessed a car accident were asked to give their testimony as to what they saw.

That means the same question yielded 3 completely  different answers based on the way it was phrased.

More Proof That Changing Just One Word In A Sentence Can Make People Three Times More Likely To Say “Yes” To You

Not only can we alter the way people remember facts but you can also influence what they remember….

The first group was 3 times more likely to say yes than the second group and the only word that was changed was “the”.

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you could increase the amount of “yes’” that you get from people by simply knowing which words to use when talking to them.

Well I can tell you that most of what you think it takes to get what you want in life just isn’t enough.

It doesn’t matter how smart, good looking, educated, experienced, knowledgable or talented you are, if you don’t know how to connect with others effectively you are at a HUGE disadvantage.

And did you know that within that 2%, most self made millionaire’s never even graduated high school much less college?

They recognized the HUGE shift that the rest of the world is starting to experience a LONG time ago.

And that is the fact that you can have all the talent, ability, experience, knowledge and persistence in the world but if you can’t effectively get what you need from others, you’re at a HUGE disadvantage.

Today I want to offer you the opportunity to gain the advantage that you need to either get out from behind the 8 ball and start winning or just simply take your life to next level.

So today I want to… Read more…

Rapid Wealth Attraction

Rapid Wealth Attraction
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Test drive and examine "The Amazing Wealth Sync® Neuro-Optimization Program" for a full 60 days absolutely risk free!

I personally guarantee that if you implement what if you put Wealth Sync® to work for yourself, you’ll automatically find the subconscious inner blocks that are currently preventing you from enjoying more abundance in ALL areas of your life melt away like er in a microwave!

And if you aren’t noticing new abundance “showing up” in your life… and if your friends or family don’t start commenting on your “new found luck”…

You can get a full, prompt no-h les refund at any point within the next 60 days if you’re you are not 100% satisfied for any reason … or even for no reason at all.

Plus, you get to keep all the materials as our way of saying "Thanks for giving us a fair shot!"

No questions asked – no weasel clauses!Your entire investment today is fully protected and guaranteed!

P.S. 30 days from now, you can be nothing more than 30 days older, or well on your way to having a richly rewarding life with much less effort..

Click Bank: ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not cons ute an endor t, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product. For privacy purposes, the author has chosen the name "Tim Matthews". Read more…

37 Days to Clean Credit

37 Days to Clean Credit
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Just 37 days from today – my proven system – could boost your credit score by 39… 68… even 135 points – GUARANTEED!

Delete 6 more late-pays and 1 judgment…that raised my credit score 73 points in only three weeks…

My credit score went from a lousy 520 all the way up to 655 in just 37 days! Today my score is way over 700.

By following my “it’s so easy anyone can do it” system – I guarantee you’ll have better credit…

"Chris, man I was skeptical… But a couple bucks one time vs. a certain Credit Repair Law Firm 40 bucks a month.

It was a no-brainer. If your program didn’t work I could always get my money back. So here we are 38 days later.

I have hundreds of emails from everyday people – just like Stephanie and Leonardo – who have boosted their credit.

Hard-working people who’ve had some bad luck… Some got laid-off from work, others got battered in the housing crisis, and some were simply extended too much credit and got in over their heads.

W ver your situation, you’re here because you need to boost your credit score… and I’m going to give you the tools you need get it done starting today…

And my proven system will help you get the better credit you deserve with very little effort on your part.

Like millions of hard-working Americans… struggling to get by, I was getting denied for credit everywhere I turned.

It started back in college when I got my first credit card. Like many young people, I quickly racked up over $14,000.00 in student loans and credit card debt.

Within a few short months – my credit was completely destroyed… it went all the way down to 520.

But when my car broke down and I couldn’t even use a credit card to pay for the repairs, I knew I had to do something.

It’s embarr ing when your car sits in the shop for 3 days until you can scrounge up the cash to pay for it.

In fact, not long after I signed on the dotted line with a company that was supposed to help me… I saw an article quoting Eileen Harrington, Deputy Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection…

“Credit repair schemes are a big problem for consumers. Credit repair promoters generally charge hundreds of dollars, but don’t deliver on their claims."

Right there and then, I decided to take my credit problems into my own hands. I screwed it up, and I was determined to make things right…

So I started researching credit repair, fixing credit, getting better credit… all the stuff that I thought would help me figure it out.

I felt like a detective trying to solve a mystery… and after countless hours trying to figure out how the credit system worked…

…I began to find buzz-words, catch phrases and dirty little secrets that got the credit bureaus to take action… So much action that my credit score improved by 135 points – and only cost me a few bucks on stamps…

And I’m certainly not any smarter than you. Ask Mr. Guerra, my high school wrestling coach, he’ll tell you that.

I just took some time to figure out how the “credit system” works… but once I did – I developed a simple system that anyone can use…

One that can remove negative items, inquiries, judgments, and bankruptcies from your credit report fast.

This system is so simple – a 5th grader could use it. In fact, all you really need to know is how to copy and paste.

But don’t just take my word for it. Many everyday people (just like you and me) are discovering how simple and effective this system is…

"Chris, man I was skeptical… But a couple bucks one time vs. a certain Credit Repair Law Firm 40 bucks a month.

It was a no-brainer. If your program didn’t work I could always get my money back. So here we are 38 days later.

"Chris, I just finished your credit repair program and was completely blown away! It’s compact and exactly what I was looking for. No fluff. No BS. Just step-by-step exactly what to do. I thought I knew how to clean my credit before, but some of your strategies are really working for me."

As you’ll soon discover, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll find in the 37 Days to Clean Credit system.

I really want to get this system in your hands right away… because bad credit is costing you thousands of dollars each year.

Have you ever gone to the car dealer only to be charged a 15% interest… Read more…

The Power of Self Hypnosis

The Power of Self Hypnosis
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The American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, Medicare… and… hundreds of studies from Yale University, Stanford University and other top academic and health ins utions agree self-hypnosis works…

"Hypnosis works: the power of trance can no longer be disputed…" — Stanford University

Igor Ledochowski is a world-renowned hypnotist, author, lecturer, teacher, coach and Fortune 500 consultant crusading to bring legitimate self-hypnosis information to the public.

Each moment an uphill battle. Hopes, dreams and goals difficult to attain. Joy, happiness and success fleeting. And you’re left "stuck-in-a-rut" and frozen in place.

That’s the kind of mental and emotional drain sapping the life out of millions of people. Leaving them to plod along frustrated.

Unless… you discover how to tap the unconscious mind… remove all the obstacles buried inside… and… replace them with the success mindset that can transform you into a total winner. (It’s a lot easier than you think!)

Learn this simple skill and personal, relationship, health, money and other problems vanish… goals and dreams become reality fast… and… life turns from a stormy sea into a calm safe harbor of easy achievement and peace of mind.

You see, scientists tell us our senses take in 11-million bits of information every second. The conscious mind processes only about nine bits. Give or take.

Breathing… circulation… sensory perception… cell "memory"… all the physical programs needed to keep you functioning and alive happen at the unconscious level. Automatically. Without conscious thought.

Because the unconscious mind also controls all the deep-seated mental and emotional programs determining your level of success or failure in… anything!

The thoughts and beliefs running rampant in the unconscious mind (which you are often completely unaware of) produce the results in your life. W ver is going on right now is the outer reflection of your unconscious mind at this time.

When your unconscious is filled with positive thoughts and beliefs things go your way. When it’s not… well, you know how brutally tough life gets.

If you said, "by thinking positive, saying affirmations and visualizing ideal situations," you’re only part right!

Positive thinking and imagery are the seeds of success. But they can’t effect change until… and unless… you plant them in the unconscious. The problem is the conscious mind often (more often than not) blocks them. Like a guard, the conscious stops positive thoughts from seeping through.

You need to "distract" the conscious mind. Then… and only then… positive thoughts sink into the fertile soil of the unconscious and take root.

Consider this: What would happen if you decided to plant a rose garden… but… never put the seeds in the soil? How many roses would flower?

The same is true with your mind. You can think the "right" thoughts, repeat endless affirmations until you’re blue in the face, visualize ideal situations — but unless those thoughts drop into the unconscious to grow, there’s NO WAY they can produce the positive results and life-transforming changes you want!

As a leading authority on the mind, my mission in life is to help others tap the storehouse of their unconscious. And I know for a fact that making m ive transformational changes is possible… sometimes overnight!

So why do so many people who read self-help books, write out goals and stay "positive" — still fail to improve themselves and their cir stances?

Simple: They primed their mind with the seeds of success… but they don’t do the ONE thing crucial to penetrate the conscious barrier… and… place their goals and dreams deep in the unconscious mind where they can flower into positive results.

"The American Medical Association approved hypnosis as a therapy in 1958, and the American Psychiatric Association followed in 1961." — Harvard Mental Health Letter

Best part: Self-hypnosis has no known negative side effects. So you can feel safe using a proven life-changing process starting today.

You can achieve anything with self-hypnosis. It puts you in control and gives you an edge few people possess. Plus, it has no potential negative side effects.

After all, whether you want to make more money… lose weight… or fly on a plane without getting a panic attack — you are essentially setting a goal.

Self-hypnosis aligns the unconscious mind with your goals. Super charging your ability to accomplish anything.

"[Hypnosis] has slipped quietly and discreetly into the clinical mainstream, to the point where the American Medical Association, many HMOs and even Medicare now recognize it.

In addition to it’s the utic value with pain, hypnosis is employed today in treatment of a variety of physical and mental afflictions, in combating phobias, in the control of bad habits like smoking and overeating, and in the all-embracing area of "performance-enhancement" for strivers ranging from sprinters to stockbrokers."

With proper application and practice, the unconscious mind… Read more…

Get $218.45 worth of success and motivation ebooks and audios for free

Get $218.45 worth of success and motivation ebooks and audios for free
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The dream life success system Value $39.95 Creating the success mindset $9.95 Conversations with millionaires $29.95 Millionaire mind $19.95 Power focus motivation self hypnosis mp3 $16.95 Eliminating stress brain entrainment mp3 $19.95 Calming the chaotic life $29.95 Single minded focus $12.95 Personal excellence $12.95 Pushing your limits $12.95 Unshakable self confidence $12.95 Never Give Up On YOur Dreams Total Value $218.45 – Yours today for free

music for meditation healing power of music what are the effects of music on the mind chakra music schumann resonance dream programming sound transformation binaural beats pineal gland activation delta brainwaves natural pain relief pain management anti aging hgh human growth hormones longevity Read more…

Law of Attraction Secrets

Law of Attraction Secrets
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Be sure to read every word of this because the secret ingredient for getting everything you desire is hidden here.

If you think what you have seen in "The Secret" DVD or book was interesting, wait ’til you see what I have to show you…"The Secret Behind The Secret". This is for those who want to Master The Law of Attraction.

Even if you know about the power of “The Law of Attraction” and other manifestation techniques, you might not be getting all you can out of them.

In fact, most people give up trying to attract what they want within a few months! They don’t see the results they’re looking for, and throw the baby out with the bath water!

I was part of a group who discovered Top Quark, the last subatomic particle, at Fermi National Laboratory in 1995.

My many years of research in Physics, Philosophy, and Spirituality have led me down a path that has crossed yours today.

As Quantum Physics tells you and you can see in real experiments, the reality of the universe out there is not independent of your views.

The problem with most manifestation guides is that they teach you all of the concepts, but none of the “meat.”

If you’ve ever been left wondering “What do I do with all of this great information?,” you know exactly what I mean.

The truth is, most manifestation teachers don’t know how to apply what they are talking about. They don’t understand the scientific principles behind the Law of Attraction, so they can’t tell you what to do when you run into delays or problems.

After studying how the greatest achievers and miracle workers of different cultures and religions performed miracles, I put together my findings in an ebook.

When you read my ebook, you’ll see you can choose what to have and who to be in this world, from many many possible realities out there.

The greatest achievers in the history attracted abundance in all that they desired, effortlessly.Most people think they were lucky.

That’s exactly how successful people attract abundance. They go through their lives and make all the right turns, effortlessly.

In “The Secret Behind The Secret”, I will show you how to “Understand the science behind the Law of Attraction”

They knew they could change the reality of universe to manifest their most inconceivable desires into life; what ordinary people call miracles. Here’s what the greatest physicist in the history said about this Secret…

Aspects of Your Life: Health, Wealth, Happiness…you name it! Program Yourself for Ongoing Success

Get Over Old Stumbling Blocks and Finally be Free from The Past! Create the Life You’ve Been Dreaming About!

When you click on the order on, you’ll go to a secure order page. There you’ll be able to enter your credit card information (You can also order by PayPal if you choose). Your order will be processed by a Clickbank™ Secure Server and you will immediately be taken to a page where you can download the ebook.

Your transaction is secure—using our secure server, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. The whole process takes as much time as it takes you to enter your information – you’ll be reading the book within minutes.

The ebook is 125 pages and comes in pdf format which can be used with any standard pdf viewer (virtually every computer comes with a pdf viewer installed). You can either read the book directly on your computer screen, or print it out and read it whenever and wherever you want.

I offer an 8 week no-questions-asked refund policy. If after you’ve read the book and tried the techniques you feel that it wasn’t worth every penny, simply tell me and I will refund your order immediately – no questions, no h le.

Don’t waste your time and money on tons of books, seminars, and cl es that can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

I spent years of research and have summarized everything you need to Master The Law of Attraction in this ebook for only $37. Yes, you can change your life’s path for less than the cost of a dinner for two!

Just promise that when you attain your desires, be it millions of dollars, health, great relationship, or never-ending happiness you include me in your prayers.

When you invest in this eBook right now, you’ll also receive a bonus eBooklet that contains my NEWEST material…

In this ebooklet, “The Quantum Worldview — Fundamentals of the Most Empowering Belief System ”, I explain the principles of a Worldview that is closely tied to the principles of Quantum Mechanics. Unravel the Quantum Worldview and… Read more…

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets Course by Dave Eaves

Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets Course by Dave Eaves
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Read with lightning fast speed so you’re able to get more work done or spend less time studying?

If you said yes to any of these questions then we have great news for you because in just minutes from now, you are going to be handed the secret to reading faster and improving your comprehension skills in record time!

You have to be able to read to do just about anything in life, yet from first grade to any level of schooling, no one has ever taken out the time to show you how to read fast or improve the rate at which you read.

The sad reality about it is that 95% of readers across the globe are just like you….They’ve have never been taught how to read at a faster rate while also improving their comprehension skills.

And if you’re on this site right now, we’re sure that you’ve probably already done everything that can think of to read faster, only to experience little or even no results.

Picking up a book and attempting to read as fast as you can WITHOUT having the proper training or method will never ever work for you.

Your brain by nature has already been pre-programmed on how it receives information and without the proper method, every time you read fast, the signals in your brain all of a sudden go haywire, which affects the memory portion of your brain.

This explains why often times you’re able to read at a faster rate, but struggle to remember or understand what you’ve just read.

However, your brain is so unique that there is a way to improve the rate at which you read….and also retain the information.

The only problem is that ONLY a small percentage of the population knows how to make this work for them.

You see… advanced reading comprehension and learning is what I do all day everyday, and I’ve spent years and utilized funding and grants to study the human brain and the methods that allows the average reader to read like a pro.

The average novel has about 60,000 words in it, so just imagine what being able to read 1,000 words per minute would do for your life.

Yes, with this revolutionary course that you’re about to have exclusive access to, you’ll be able to blow through entire novels in an hour or less…..And remember everything that you read.

Just imagine yourself starting and finishing every literary do ent you put your hands on— in one sitting!

Just picture yourself with the outstanding reading and comprehension skills that you’ve wished, hoped, and prayed for so long for.

The Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets course, immediately downloads onto your computer.

It’s the ONLY program, or course that is specifically designed for YOU, the reader who wants to not only read faster… …but also retain all the information that you read.

This unique course takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step exactly how to read over 1,000 words per minute and completely understand everything that you read.

The Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets course caters to your needs and will have you reading 1,000 words per minutes in no time flat!

Step 3: Sit back, relax, and watch yourself begin to read NOT hundreds, but THOUSANDS of words, quickly and easily! Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover:

Still that’s not all, once you say yes to the Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets course, you’ll also receive…

4 Time-Limited Bonuses Just For Test Driving The Course But Only Available For a Short Time

You are not only going to get all my speed reading secrets in the course. I’m also going to give you everything I can to help you get results in the fastest time & easiest way possible. That’s why if you order today you also get:

FREE Bonus #1: Free Speed Reading Software. This Will Have You Speed Reading Quickly & Effortlessly

This is cool! I show you where you can download a free speed reading software program. Even when you are armed with the best speed reading techniques they still take at least some effort. We are all lazy right?

Well this nifty little program makes it easy, quick and effortless to master some of the speed reading methods you will soon be learning in the course!

I’ve made it super easy by creating an online test that will instantly tell you exactly how many words you are reading per minute!

There’s no secret that reading fast is only part of the equation for optimum results. They actually go hand-in-hand with each other. With this amazing course, you’ll be empowered with… Read more…

Finding More Time

Finding More Time
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“Now you can have more time with your family, with your friends, with your hobbies, for play, for achievement, for simply enjoying your life! 501 Tips and Ideas For Finding MORE TIME For the Things You Love by Maria Gracia

What Customers Are Saying About Maria’s 501 Tips and Ideas For Finding MORE TIME “Maria, thank you for this treasure. For years, I’ve been struggling with a jam-packed schedule, no time for myself or my family and a no-end-in- sight outlook on my To Do list. “Since reading your book I can not believe how much more time I have every day for the things I really want to do. I love it!” — Nicky Carter Evadale, Texas “After reading ’500 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time for the Things You Love’ I’ve discovered so many areas in my life where I’ve been wasting my time. As I read this book, I found myself nodding in agreement. Page after page contained easy things I could start doing to save myself precious time each day. I’ve already applied dozens of the tips– and I only finished reading the book at few days ago.” — Rhonda Evans Macksburg, Ohio “Maria’s book has helped me make my ‘hectic, non- stop’ schedule a thing of the past. I’m actually doing things I enjoy and spending quality time with my family! If you want to be in control of your time, I highly recommend this book.” — Gerard Michaels, San Diego, California “Once again, Maria has written a true gem. ’500 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time’ is the perfect addition to the other Get Organized Now! reads. I’ve found it so easy to apply these time tips to my life. If you need more time don’t wait, get this book.” — Lilly Sanchez Manitoba, Canada “One of the things I just love about this book is that I can open it to any page at any time and be inspired! How much time have I saved? Ask my husband–who is absolutely floored by how much more productive I am, while being more relaxed than ever! In fact, he is so impressed, that he’s now reading this book too!” –Eleanor Preston New Jersey “I’ve always considered myself fairly organized, but I know there’s always room for improvement. “Your new book has shown me so many new time management ideas I’ve never even considered. It’s a wealth of information and I can’t imagine anyone who can’t benefit and save time in their day after reading it.” –Amelia Sellnow Ontario, Canada “The term ‘time management’ has always been scary for me. It sounds so difficult, especially for a right- brained person like myself. “Maria’s new book,’500 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time’ has been a God-send for me. It has simplified the concepts of time for me in a way I never thought possible. “Thanks, Maria, for a super-easy, time saving book” — Jane Wood Chatsworth, IA “Each day, I just apply one new idea, and lo and behold, that idea saves me time. These ideas are so do-able and I’m no longer trapped with a crazy schedule or an overwhelming to do list. Thanks for helping creative people like me find a way to start and get things done.” –Catherine Potts South Africa “I bought your new book, ’500 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time for the Things You Love’ for my husband. He’s such a good man, but I’m very concerned that his stress- level, caused by his over- packed schedule–is affecting his health. “He’s already reading it and applying many of the ideas. In fact, last night at the dinner table he thanked me for this gift and told me it is making an enormous impact on his life. I so appreciate the expertise in this book and the fact that my husband has slowed down a bit and is even actually planning our next family vacation– something we haven’t done in years!” –Ava Phillips Hawaii

For a limited time you can get "501 Tips & Ideas for Finding More Time" for only $19.95 Format: Instant Download PDF E-Book Just think what you could do with an extra hour, or 2 hours per day. That comes to an extra 14 hours per week to do w ver you wish. Your time is precious. Become a master of your time and you get more out of life. Today is the day that you begin finding more time for the things you love. *** SEVEN FREE BONUSES *** Order by and you’ll also receive these additional bonuses, absolutely FREE! FREE BONUS #1 ($24 Value) Time Management for Creative People by Mark McGuinness It’s so easy to get side-tracked and lose control of your time. This is… Read more…

Start Manifesting Cash Automatically: Apply Universal Laws with Emotional Freedom Technique and Meditation to End Money Frustrations

Start Manifesting Cash Automatically: Apply Universal Laws with Emotional Freedom Technique and Meditation to End Money Frustrations
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Now You Can Learn the Real “Secrets” of Successful Manifesting From World-Renowned Energy and Success Expert, Cathleen Campbell. Living Harmony’s Magnetic Manifesting Meditation Reveals How These Proven Methods Really Work, So You Can Learn to Manifest Successfully too!

You Are On The Verge Of Learning How The Masters of the Ages, Top Business Executives, Entrepreneurs and Everyday People Just Like You Have Ended Their Own Struggles with Cash and Learned to Consistently Create Abundant Cash, Wealth And Financial Freedom Throughout The Ages!

Finally, you can easily and quickly clear away what’s really keeping you frustrated and cash poor so you too can create your new reality of Abundant Cash…

You’re about to learn how to raise your abundance and cash vibrational frequency, making you magnetically attractive to more cash.

What’s more, with this Living Harmony Magnetic Manifesting Meditation you’re actually going to experience consciously raising your abundance and cash vibrational frequency, making you magnetically attractive to more cash.

Endorsed by leading personal growth experts such as Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield, Emotional Freedom Technique , is highly recommended as an incredibly effective tool for changing emotions, thoughts and patterns of life experience, and is increasingly being featured in television and publications like Oprah, Muscle & Fitness and more…

Successful people everywhere have known for as long as time the real secret, and it’s time for you to embrace the truth too: you really DO have the power in you to manifest your needs and your dreams.

You’re about to discover what successful people everywhere have known for as long as time:you really DO have the power in you to manifest your needs and your dreams.

The adage goes “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” In fact, that’s the reason why you’ve been attracted to reading this page: you are ready to learn how to manifest cash successfully, so you have manifested this tool! You have drawn to yourself the resources you need to make that shift. And I’m here to tell you that you really can do it.

So, what really happens when someone correctly applies the real "secrets" of manifesting and uses Universal Laws effectively?

The truth is while I wish I could, I can’t give you back the part of your life you’ve lost to years of frustrating failure, overwhelm, trauma, disappointment and pain about your finances. But I can give you something much more important: the tools you can use for the rest of your life to successfully manifest your needs, desires and dreams. And once you start using these tools you can begin creating positive results for yourself from this day forward.

You may have come to this page because you are struggling terribly with cash, perhaps having almost none at all. You know you are in a Poverty Prison. You feel the despair and fear clearly. But what if you have a steady job, are on top of your bills and have a bit of savings put away? The reality is that until you have enough cash to afford the things you need and want without having to exchange your precious life hours for dollars, the experience may seem nicer but you’re still a prisoner of your debts both present and future. Either way, it’s time to break out of this Povery Prison. It’s time to learn how to Manifest Abundant Cash, for your now and your future.

The challenge I found when trying to learn to manifest myself, was that nobody seemed to have a complete formula!

You see, I wasn’t just trying to learn how to attract material things, I was trying to learn how to manifest wellbeing.

A recipe, or a formula, works EVERY time not just occasionally. Follow the instructions and while you might not have a masterpiece, you should have something satisfactory at the very least. And that’s what I created: a recipe for creation. My clients know it as the Living Harmony Manifesting Formula and using this formula, they have learned – just like you will – to consistently create more of what they want, rather than having to constantly fight or fix what they don’t want.

We’re actually all manifesting, every day, but most of us aren’t consciously aware of what or how we’re doing it.

The real truth is that the moment you begin manifesting work on what you desire, you may actually be manifesting desiring it more than the actual realization of your desire!

But, as is most often the case, if what you consciously desire to create is far outside your current vibrational frequency, then even spending countless hours visualizing will never be enough.

Now jeans may not be important to you. And you may say it was silly to write that email… Read more…

How to Win a Beauty Pageant – Secrets and Tips

How to Win a Beauty Pageant - Secrets and Tips
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"Eight-Time Beauty Queen and Top Pageant Coach Reveals Insider Secrets That Will Virtually Guarantee You’ll Win Your Next Pageant"

My name is Tiffany, and I have spent years competing in beauty pageants. When I first started competing, I wasn’t very successfull, but I was determined to succeed. So, I spent thousands of dollars – on books, tapes, pageant coaches, etc. learning how to win.

Along the way, I learned a lot of secrets that gave me an edge – and I started winning. Within four years, I had won eight different pageants. Today, I make over $200 an hour as a pageant coach.

When my clients listen to my beauty pageant tips, they often win. In my first five pageants, I thought I was prepared and I was so determined to win, but I never even made it to the semi-finals. If I had known then what I know now, I could have saved myself so much heartache.

And to be completely honest, I just don’t think it’s fair that only a privileged few benefit from the knowledge I’ve discovered.

So, for a very limited time, I’m going to share my secrets in a downloadable audio interview. The information I reveal will help you win your next beauty pageant. I’m also including 7 bonuses. One of the bonuses is a 49-page book that contains over 1,150 actual pageant interview questions that have been used in actual compe ions.

The secrets I reveal in this interview alone are enough to give you the advantage over every other contestant. But that’s not all!

Bonus #1: (Valued at $19.97) Pageant Preps: A Pageant Preparation Book For Every Beauty Queen. This 49-page e-book gives you step-by-step instructions on “How To Become A Queen Without Losing Sleep.” But the best part is that it lists 1,115 Practice Interview Questions! It’s the most comprehensive list of actual interview questions I’ve ever seen – and it’ll guarantee you’re never unprepared for the live interview again!

Bonus #2: (Valued at $29.95) Pageant 911! Fast Beauty Fixes. This e-book gives you solutions to nearly 30 common, last-minute beauty emergencies – things like pimples, splotches, helmet hair – are all solved so you can go about winning that crown!

Bonus #3: (Valued at $29.95) Pageant 911! Interview Tips And Practice Questions. Here you get the same advice my coaching clients pay me big money for: How to dress, speak and act during the interview so that you’ll have the judges eating out of your hands!

Bonus #4: (Priceless!) Makeup Secrets Revealed. Kamla Regrello, who has been head makeup artist for Miss Universe, Miss USA , Miss Jamaica, Miss Trinidad and Tobego – and several other international pageants – tells you step-by-step how to apply your makeup like a Queen. Kamla is currently the Head Makeup Artist for Sacha Cosmetics, and her expertise will help you look like a winner, too!

Bonus #5: (Valued at $29.95) Makeup Lessons. This huge 137-page e-book is one of the most comprehensive books ever written about applying makeup. It’s filled with full-color images, diagrams and instructions that will make you an expert in your own right! Click Here To View Sample Pages From Makeup Lessons

Bonus #6: (Valued at $19.95) Upcoming Pageant Directory. Use this list of links to find the Pageant that’s just right for you – no matter where you live!

Bonus #7: Beauty Pageant Articles I’ve collected a group of articles over the years that spoke to me in some way – whether they inspired me, motivated me, or gave me practical advice – each has helped me in some way to be a better Pageant contestant. I know they’ll be a help to you as well!

These Bonuses alone are valued at over $129.77 – but in fact, the information in them is truly priceless. For a limited time, I’m going to offer it to you for the unbelievable price of

Miss South Carolina wasn’t a client of mine. If she had purchased my book, there is no way she would have made such a critical mistake. The free Pageant Preps bonus included with your purchase includes over 1000 sample pageant questions so you are never surprised.

For a very limited time, you can get my Interview with Rachel – where I spill all my best secrets – the Pageant Preps book with over 1,000 practice interview questions, My TWO Pageant 911! Books, Kamla Regrello’s Makeup Secrets Revealed, Plus all the other bonuses – for Only $17.00!

But you have to understand that if any of my coaching clients were to find out about this offer, they’d be very upset. After all, I’m practically giving away the… Read more…

101 Ways To Reduce Stress. A Stress Relief Ebook To Help You Manage Your Stress

101 Ways To Reduce Stress. A Stress Relief Ebook To Help You Manage Your Stress
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Most people feel that stress is part of modern life and that there is nothing you can do to stop this.

My name is Piers Cross and I live in the north of the UK. For the past 17 years I have been studying and practicing the art of happiness and stress management.

I currently live in one of the most beautiful places in the UK in the heart of the countryside. I have a life full of happiness teaching children and s, writing, being creative, and being surrounded by loving and beautiful friends.

I have a wonderful life: working from home, practicing yoga and meditation daily, surrounded by beautiful walks, swimming in the rivers, being my own boss and doing what I love.

And I have studied happiness and stress relief from some of the greatest teachers in the world. Who you ask?

I spent several years living as a Novice Buddhist monk in a Buddhist monastery. I studied with some of the most senior Buddhist monks in the West.

There was a recent survey where tests were carried out on different individuals. Their brainwaves were yzed and the results were published. It was found that Buddhist monks came out on top as being the happiest people alive.

Back in 2000 I was living a high flying life. I was working in London for a Fortune 500 publishing company. I had graduated from one of the top Business Schools in Europe and I was earning good money.

I started to go off on wonderful holidays around the world and was living in one of the most exclusive areas of London.

Within a few months my life was in turmoil. I had quit my job in the City in London, I split up with my long term partner and moved out of our shared accommodation. I also found out that my father had terminal cancer.

I started to work as temp so that I could go and help out with my father. It was very challenging and I spent quite a lot of time helping my step mother with my father. After he p ed away I had many questions and very few answers.

I even went to Africa to work as a volunteer for a year in order to try and find a way out of how I was feeling.

So I searched for something more, something more lasting. And so fate would have it (and it was definitely fate) I ended up visiting a Buddhist monastery.

I’ll be honest, it was far from easy. Actually it was so challenging at times that I wanted to leave on many occasions but I stuck at it and I learned so much. I learned the hard way but it was a way that stuck.

What I learned in the monastery is still with me and I expect it to be with me for the rest of this lifetime.

I learned how to be happy, how to be more joyful, how to deal with those difficult days and those damned right impossible days.

I learned what it means to be happy and what I could do when I wasn’t feeling happy. And I learned the stress management techniques to support this. I learned how to get in touch with myself and truly live the life of my dreams.

First, let’s be realistic… I would be lying if I said that what I will show you requires no work.

Because at the moment you’re probably doing things and spending time on things that are not making you happy. In all honesty they are probably making you unhappy.

I once heard a senior Thai Buddhist monk saying that all people want to be happy but the problem is that they keep picking up the wrong things. The things they pick up keep making them more unhappy.

I remember in my own life before the monastery how I would keep picking up things which would hurt me and others around me.

I kept doing them because there was no one to tell me that what I was doing didn’t make sense. In fact, everyone else around me thought that what I was doing was normal!

It was only when I got to the monastery did I finally start to see some sense. But then I did have some amazing guides.

I also teach you 29 Exercises For Health & Harmony.(update 2014: plus 15 new exercises) I have found that doing exercises helps to train the mind so that the techniques go in – not just on a mental level but on a deeper level.

Now… It’s fine for me to go on about how amazing these methods are as it’s my book… I’m going to be a little bit biased with how many benefits… Read more…

Instant Law of Attraction Success

Instant Law of Attraction Success
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In fact, most people I speak to about the Law of Attraction have found it difficult to use at first.

But, just for a minute, imagine what your life would be like if you could actually put the Law of Attraction into practice…

Imagine how you will feel when you’ve been putting the Law of Attraction into practice for a few days.

The Instant Law of Attraction Success has a specially crafted series of 30 short audios that are purpose designed to get you on track with the Law of Attraction and keep you there.

In total, that’s over 185 minutes of audio recordings that you can download straight to your computer, iPad, MP3 player or any other device that will play MP3s.

You can then pick and choose which audio you want to work on today and listen to the tracks as often as you want.

Most of the tracks are between 5 and 10 minutes long which means that you can easily fit them into your daily routine.

Before you know it, you’ll be putting the Law of Attraction into your life and manifesting good things into your life – almost instantly!

So, when you purchase Instant Law of Attraction Success you’ll be immediately taken to the download page where you will have instant access to all the MP3 audios.

All you need to do is click the buy on below and you’ll be well on your way to putting the Law of Attraction into action in your life! Read more…

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The Time Commandments

The Time Commandments
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If you’d like to have more time with your family, spend less hours working and double or even TRIPLE your income in 90 days or less, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Reason two: I mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, home business owners and sales reps to double and TRIPLE their incomes!

Reason three: I have so many people BEGGING me to teach them this formula, I have to turn people away!

At a very young age, I set out to disover why some people reach the heights of their career and can earn millions of dollars while others with equal or greater talent and intelligence struggle and barely make ends meat.

I spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours studying and interviewing some of the most successful people on the planet to learn the distinctions, both large and small, between the two groups, wealthy vs not wealthy.

I spent countless hours reading the biographies of the world’s richest tycoons and business leaders like Lee Iococca, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates.

I even spent tens of thousands of dollars attending the seminars of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Suze Orman, Corey Rudl, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Les Brown and so many more!

I studied thousands of successful people. I interviewed them and asked them thousands of questions. What I learned was amazing.

I found the same patterns of success over and over and I created a system that would allow their principles to be applied into any area of life. I condensed my YEARS of research and study into one easy to follow Success System called The Time Commandments!™

I had the time and money to travel wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I suddenly had the security and FREEDOM to enjoy life!

I went even further and taught them to the clients and entrepreneurs I mentored and they experienced the same AMAZING RESULTS!

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

I normally charge $350 per hour for my coaching clients and I currently have a waiting list of 6 months! My business exploded so fast I can hardly keep up!

The only other way you can get this information is to spend $ 3,000 to attend one of my 3-day seminars.

More than two hours of audio on instant download where you will learn specifically how to arrange your priorities and manage your time so you can experience less stress, create more wealth, have more time for your family, and have more FUN!

Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you’ll also receive the following:

You will automatically be registered for my Teleseminar Series on Time Management. I will help you anchor in the lessons and integrate The Time Commandments!™ Strategies into your life!

Ebook, The Culture of Courage, a book about Psychic Demand and manifestation by Frank C. Haddock (a $ 19.95 value)

Free Ebook, A Life On Fire, featuring Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, Robert Allen, T. Harv Eker, and many of the mentors I spent years learning from (a $19.95 value)

By the way, these bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad moneyback guarantee:

Take 8 weeks to examine and use this audio program. That’s right. You have more than eight weeks to put these valuable strategies to work in your own life. In any area you want, wherever you want.

Test the program for yourself… Try as many of the valuable tips as you like. Once you’ve used these strategies in your own life, I’m confident you’ll NEVER want to send it back!

But, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be out one red cent. Just return the course and we’ll refund your entire payment. Right up to the final day of this eight week guarantee! ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 8 weeks from the date of purchase.

You don’t have to decide now if this product is for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn’t do everything I say and more, if you don’t save time, or if your business doesn’t improve, or if your life isn’t better, or if you don’t absolutely love it, just let… Read more…