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Manifest A Miracle System – Law of Attraction – Manifest a Miracle the Laws of Attraction & Power Explained by Gary Evans

Manifest A Miracle System - Law of Attraction - Manifest a Miracle the Laws of Attraction & Power Explained by Gary Evans
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Here’s The True "Secrets" Of The Manifestation Process, How This Proven Formula Works, And How You Can Put It To Work For YOU.

You’re about to discover what really happens when someone begins to apply the so called "secrets" of the universe.

This is a real story… and I can guarantee you its genuine, because I’m the guy who’s practiced for months on end perfecting this sacred skill.

It doesn’t take long to practice once you’ve got the formula, but some people completely turn off in disbelief when I talk about…

You’ve probably heard from other guru’s that you can manifest your reality by just thinking about what you want.

But before we delve into the "secrets" and determine whether this is right or not, we need to set something straight.

I was skeptical too when I first saw the DVD, "The Secret". But if I hadn’t seen a real correlation between my thoughts and what was coming into my life then I wouldn’t believe it either. In other words… I know exactly how you feel.

To help put your mind at rest I’m going to prove to you that this stuff works and I’m going to talk you through my own personal experiences with the Law of Attraction. I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do to make thoughts become tangible.

You may have been led to believe that you can just lay on your back thinking about stuff and then you’ll see it appear in your life in the next few days or weeks.

There’s an awful lot more to visualizing that you may not have been shown. In fact visualizing is just a tool that we can use to help us manifest stuff, but it’s not why a manifestation will happen.

The first thing that happens in the process is that you have to ask for what you want. You’re actually doing this all of the time without realizing it.

When you open up a letter with a bill, and when you feel miserable about having another bill, you’re actually asking for "more money". Cool, huh?

So you don’t actually have to ask for anything specific. You’ve already done it, without you probably knowing about it.

Next, the universe will answer your request. The universe (or you could call it the Law of Attraction) will begin to match you up with what you’ve been asking for. It begins to set into motion new experiences for you relating to what you’ve just asked for. So if you’re asking for more money, the Universe is lining it up for you in a future experience.

Obviously, this isn’t your work! In fact you haven’t had to do anything so far, as asking is automatic and so is the Universe’s job of answering.

But we’re not done yet, because there’s one final step you must go through in order to make this stuff work for you.

Before we look at how you can become aligned with your desires, let’s just back pedal for a second and clarify what "alignment" really means because I see people using this term all day long without really explaining it.

Becoming aligned with your desires means that you must be sending out a vibration (your vibration can be likened to your feelings, your mood, etc.) that is in harmony with what you’ve just asked for.

If you wanted more money but you feel disappointed that you’ve only got a paycheck of $2,000 this month then that is an example of you not being in alignment with the desire of "I want more money".

The first way to achieve alignment is to pretend that you already have what you want. When you pretend you already have something, what you’re doing is feeling as if you have already achieved the desire. That’s when this visualization stuff comes into it… You can see yourself in possession of what you want and feel it as if it’s already here.

The second way of becoming aligned is by feeling good. Think about it this way… when you feel good about anything, what are you in alignment with?

Would you feel good when you have more money? Mmmm… Yes! Would you feel good when you have that new relationship? You bet!

You’re already manifesting stuff all day, every single day. So in order for you to begin manifesting stuff that you do want, you have to become deliberate about what you feel.

In fact you can’t feel miserable and manifest much of anything that you want. Bad moods will usually escalate the amount of negative cir stances that are attracted to you.

After learning this and realizing that I was in control of what happens in my day-to-day experience…

My first experience happened out on a golf… Read more…

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Streiten.Überzeugen.Durchsetzen. – AHA-Consulting & Coaching

Streiten.Überzeugen.Durchsetzen. - AHA-Consulting & Coaching
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Sich behaupten, sich durchsetzen – in privaten Streitgesprächen, Gehaltsverhandlungen oder Meetings. Jeder kann sich durchsetzen! Dieses E-Book von einem Profi ist konsequent anwendungsorientiert. In kurzer Zeit werden Sie alltagstaugliches Knowhow erwerben oder auffrischen.

Auf welche „Dirty-Tricks“ muss ich vorbereitet sein ? Wie kann ich mich behaupten? Dieses E-Book gibt Ihnen Tipps und praktische Hilfe, damit Sie sich ab sofort  noch besser durchsetzen können!

Optional: In dem Kauf enthalten ist die Option auf eine dreimonatige Beratung zu den Themen, die das Buch anspricht, in Form eines Online-Coaching per Mail oder Skype.

* Diese Option ist nicht auf andere Leistungen oder Produkte anrechenbar. Die Gültigkeit endet nach drei Monaten ab Kaufdatum.

Das E-Book wird im Format PDF zum Download bereit gestellt. Zum Lesen des E-Books benötigen Sie einen Reader, der mit Ihrem PC, Laptop oder Mobile kompatibel ist. Hier sind zwei Links, bei denen Sie kostenlos den p enden Reader downloaden können:

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E-Books – Public Speaking Persuasive Speech – Motivational Speaker

E-Books - Public Speaking Persuasive Speech - Motivational Speaker
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Frieda was a young lady in her early 20’s. We were having dinner together with her husband one day. Suddenly she popped the question…

“How do I get over the fear of facing the audience? I get scared when I see many eyes staring at me. I want to voice my opinion, but somehow I’m tongue tied when I face a large crowd. Therefore, I normally keep my opinions to myself.”

Over the years, I’ve been faced with the same question by participants of my public speaking seminars. Their names change, their faces change but the question remains the same…“How do I get over the fear of facing the audience?”

If you are in the same boat, do not worry. I have researched many books, videos & interviewed many of my students to provide you numerous solutions to this issue.

When you purchase Fearless Public Speaking, you will discover why we fear speaking in public. This knowledge will help us understand ourselves and quickly overcome our apprehension during a verbal communication. You will also discover the various types of public speaking fears and how to convert your fears into your strengths.

Once you acquire the knowledge of this “fear factor”, then I will present you some effective fear management techniques such as how to drain excessive adrenalin out of your system. Boosting your “feel-good” factor by eating the right food will also be discussed. Not to forget effective breathing techniques too..

Moving on, we will discuss why it is important to know your stuff and do your homework prior to a public presentation. We will also talk about what precise research needs to be done. This good habit will propel you speaking glory and make you a successful orator.

Learn success visualization methods to motivate yourself and your audience. Once you know this secret technique, speaking with conviction, p ion and sincerity will come easily to you. You will gravitate towards becoming a confident and persuasive motivational speaker. In the process, I will impart with you how to get into the right frame of mind before a presentation.

In reading this book you will discover how to speak convincingly and the kind of topics to avoid. Building rapport with your audience will be a “walk-in-the-park” and you will no longer be scared of them. I will share on how to use the appropriate words to convert your ‘enemies’ into friends.

If you are an executive who needs to do a high powered professional presentation, no worries. I will share ideas on dressing to impress and how to rehearse your speech without over doing it. If a powerpoint presentation is part of your presentation, you will learn how to become the “master” of your presentation.

There is a topic on beta blockers and pills to calm your nerves as well. Will it really solve your problem? Well, you’ve got to read it to find out. Learn closely guarded secrets on what to do during a mental blackout. Apart from that, you will master the natural laws of good memory too.

Do you need to handle questions and answers in your workshop or seminar presentations? I’m sure you would. I will teach you the art & rules of handling a Q&A session. Once you know the elements of a good question and answer session, you will no longer be nervous or afraid of handling one.

Finally, I have proposed some further readings for you such as Dale Carnegie, Achim Nohawk and Cheryl Hamilton. This is to ensure that your lifelong desire to improve your public speaking skills are not short lived. May you allow the essential and fundamental knowledge of public speaking to permeate every cell of your being. Motivate yourself and your audience by brushing up your oral communication skills using the guidelines stated in this resourceful e-book.

This book focuses on the specific area of public speaking ie “Fear of Public Speaking” and will be a motivation to anyone. Your chapter on “Practice Makes Professionals” is perhaps the best part of the book.

World Award Winner in Public Speaking 1993 – Toastmasters World Taped Speech Champion 2008 – Ist Runner up Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking Author – The Silent Workshop of World Champions

Robert Ram writes as an insider – one who has mastered the art of public speaking through experience. Being an accomplished speaker himself, Robert understands the internal turmoil and fears of a speaker. Unlike many public speaking books, which are technical in nature, Robert provides a fresh perspective – public speaking as an expression of human connection.

On the essence of public speaking – “Public speaking is, after all an emotional connection between speaker, audience and subject” On the ‘unfounded’ fear of people – “In the overwhelming majority of cases, you are standing… Read more…

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SpecialAccess – The Success Happiness Formula

SpecialAccess - The Success Happiness Formula
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The problem is you’ve been duped. You’ve become a victim of the pervasive and dangerous cultural myth that we were all taught as children.

You might have learned this myth from a family friend, your school teachers, or even your parents…

For the first 37 years of my life I followed the “set goals, work hard, and never give up” success formula. In fact, I managed to achieve a six figure income running my own dental practice so on the outside it looked like our culture’s success formula was working!

The fact was this traditional formula wasn’t working and I knew it because I felt a great empty void in my life.

The problem was I didn’t want to be a dentist anymore, but I felt trapped in my career. It seemed that being a dentist was the only way I could make a living to support my family, but I d it.

The work wasn’t fulfilling and I was so shy I took my continuing education credits through the mail just to avoid social gatherings.

After living the first 37 years of my life in silent resignation, I met my personal mentors. They did something for which I will be forever grateful.

"Thank you Dr. Joe. Your program helped me recognize how I was addicted to sadness and as soon as I realized this, I was able to take responsibility for managing my thinking. My depression is gone and I am making friends and loving life for the first time in too long."

Once I understood the cost of settling for anything less then my ideal life, it gave me the impetus I needed to make a lasting change, and that’s when a whole new world opened up to me.

Have you ever noticed how some people can smoke virtually their entire life and live to be 90 whereas others get diseases like cancer and die before they reach 40?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when a virus like the flu breaks out that some people never get infected even if they never get vaccinated while others are easily susceptible to any ailment even when they take the right precautionary steps?

Cellular memory (as the name implies) is basically the memory that resides inside the cells within the body. That’s right; every single one of the cells in your body actually has a memory of its own.

Each of the cells within the body actually stores reserves of information related to past experiences (both positive and negative) within their memory.

This is often the reason why someone who beats cancer will experience a relapse. The same is true of those who suffer from addiction or any other type of disease.

What’s really occurring is a relapse of memory within the cell that is causing the body to react in a certain way.

This truth applies to every aspect of your life in both the physical and metaphysical world; meaning it can affect your body directly in the form of sickness or disease as well as metaphysically through things you attract like relationships or wealth.

"Dear Dr. Joe, At first I was quite skeptical about this. There are so many people out there falsely claiming to have the magic success formula. Not only am I thrilled that I took action, but I can honestly say that I find your work to be life-changing… Through your exercises, I was able to uncover and overcome many of the personal obstacles that have kept me stuck for years. I truly know that my life will never be the same again. I get along better with my spouse now, I attracted my dream job and I feel so much stronger, happier and more vibrant then ever! Thank you so much!"

"Once I became clear about the incompletions from my childhood, I was able to heal the hurt and move on, actually loving myself for the first time in too many years! With a return to loving myself first, attracting the right man into my life happened like magic! All of a sudden, I felt more comfortable flirting, talking, and dating men."

It can be hard to fathom just how powerful your cellular memory really is in shaping your current and future experiences.

Before my mentors helped me understand how to boost the secret ingredient that reformatted my cellular memory, I was totally unable to recognize my gifts…

Then I learned how to re-format my cellular memory and my life has been filled with an unparalleled sense of meaning, purpose and excitement ever sense.

Once my mentors taught me how to boost my self-esteem it reformatted my cellular memory, and everything started to fall into place…

"Since taking Dr. Joe Rubino’s… Read more…

Repair Credit Reports

Repair Credit Reports
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Are you tired of being rejected for car loans and credit cards? Do you want to buy a home but the banks have denied your mortgage application? Is bad credit preventing you from getting the job you want?

What if I could show you a step-by-step formula (it only takes 3 steps), that you could use to dramatically improve your credit rating. A formula so powerful, it can add 257 points or more to your FICO Score.

If your answer is yes, then I urge you to keep reading, because inside this article you’ll discover how to transform your credit report into a valuable et… one you can use to get anything money can buy!

My expertise is in credit repair. I’ve got over 20 years of proven results, helping people restore their credit. And because of my experience, I know exactly what works to get rid of bad credit.

The top priority for all my clients are fast results. I know this is what you want too. Use my formula and you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your credit report in 60 to 90 days …guaranteed!

Although my credit repair system is a breeze to use, if you ever have questions, you have lifetime support with my staff and I. We’ll always answer any questions you have. Just email me anytime you need istance.

Okay, let’s get down to business. You’re serious about restoring your credit or you wouldn’t have read this far. So, here’s how to do it.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, a federal law, requires that all the information in your credit report must be 100% accurate or it must be deleted.

With that in mind, below is my 3 step credit repair formula. It’s all you need to quickly add points to your FICO Score:

Finally, you write to the credit bureaus (Trans Union, Equifax, & Experian) and dispute the accuracy of the negative information on your credit report.

After you’ve completed these 3 steps, the credit bureaus have 30 days to prove the negative information on your credit report is accurate.

If they can’t, they’re required by law, to delete the information. And once it’s gone, your FICO Score increases dramatically!

This is your basic credit repair blueprint. If you’ve got each of the 3 steps covered, you can repair your credit report with mathematical certainty.

But here’s the kicker… You must know how to get these steps to work for your particular credit situation. Make no mistake. Unless you know how to ‘work the system’, you will have to live with credit problems for 7 to 10 years.

But here’s the good news. You CAN repair your credit and my step-by-step formula will work fast, no matter what your credit looks like.

One of the folks who used my formula said, "After years of wrestling with bad credit, I’m now living in the house of my dreams!" Here’s what he used:

My new e-book, The Attorney’s Guide To Credit Repair, contains confidential credit repair information that are NOT available to the general public.

Written in plain English, the guide works like magic to erase bad credit and increase your FICO Score. It’s guaranteed to deliver outstanding results.

Seriously… when you want the genuine, "no B.S." methods for repairing bad credit, created by an attorney who specializes in credit repair, you’ve come to the right place. This system is based on all my years of proven results.

The most effective way to permanently remove both Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy from your credit report!

A sure-fire strategy to quickly delete 30, 60, and 90 day late payments from your credit report.

The fastest and most effective way to erase charge-offs from your credit report… and how to add tons of points to your FICO Score in the process.

A special ‘insider secret’ almost nobody (except a few ‘elite credit repair experts’) know about… which makes even the most hard-nose creditors suddenly eager to remove negative information on your credit report. (Note: Once they do you can say goodbye to your credit problems forever!)

A simple yet powerful strategy to get rid of judgments and liens. (Note: This strategy works in record time and has NOTHING to do with sending dispute letters to the credit bureaus.

How to get your creditors to settle your debts for 5 to 10 cents on the dollar… and report the debts in ‘Paid As Agreed Never Late’ to the credit bureaus. You (save thousands of dollars) in the process, and your FICO Score increases automatically!

The undisputed best way to clean-up defaulted student loans… this approach removes negative information on your credit report… and adds tons of points to your FICO Score.

How to get the Federal Trade Commission to… Read more…

Life Purpose – Balanced Living

Life Purpose - Balanced Living
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Now you can move forward in a promising new direction and chart your own course in life – even if things seem futile and hopeless right now.

Is Your Ladder Leaning Against the Wrong Wall is THE book that will show you step-by-step how to obtain clarity about what’s important to you, gain a sense of direction and move forward with confidence on a path that fits you.

This will bring greater fulfillment, satisfaction and joy in your life. Isn’t that what you truly want?

Did you know that 80% of success comes from being clear about who you are and what you want to accomplish?

Whether you have no idea what you want to do with your life or you may be someone who has too many ideas rolling around and you just can’t seem to get any one of them completed?

Literally, thousands of people – just like you – have gained clarity, allowing their dreams to come true.

Since 1995, I have worked with people in every conceivable situation – from creative types to administrative folks, CEOs to blue collar workers, entrepreneurs to corporate employees, from those with no idea about what they want, to too many ideas and no focus.

Now you can have my years of experience in helping people get back on track and discovering a life that is in alignment with their true self.

This workshop was originally taught at several universities in Atlanta, GA, to full cl rooms of participants eager to gain perspective and clarity, which led them to happiness and p ion for life.

Now you can take this life-changing workshop in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace and for a lot less money!

“At a time when I felt totally lost, confused and without direction, this workshop helped me find that direction. I gained a sense of purpose and as a result, a renewed energy and sense of myself ? who I was. It was incredibly powerful and empowering. I would definitely say taking this workshop was life-altering for me. After taking the course, I was ready to show the world who I was and what I was all about.

Six years later, my purpose statement still guides my decision-making and is the foundation for my new coaching and consulting business. That in itself is an incredible testament to the value of this workshop.”

“I was delightfully surprised at the breakthrough I had as a result of doing the exercises in this book. I reclaimed the value of “ease” as being important to me and then remembered what it is that I do most naturally and easily. As a result I am fine tuning my career direction to be in alignment with who I truly am.”

I am a Master Certified Coach. I created this system as a result of having been where you are… in that uncomfortable, and sometimes sad place. That’s exactly what finally led me to my own career and life change, over seven years ago. While I was successful in the traditional sense, I was not fulfilled. Now, I am… In fact, that’s how I know, beyond any doubt that…

I truly wish I could wave a magic want and give you a perfect life. But, I’m not the good witch of the north, nor are we in the land of Oz. Rather, you must come to your own answers. And, to gain clarity on those answers, you must take the next step.

You realize, and I know you do (or you wouldn’t have read this far), that you can read information on websites all day long and gain a lot of knowledge, but nothing changes until you do something . . . until you apply what you learn to your own life. That is why this workshop in a book will help you ? with this book, you can learn how to apply all this life-changing information to your own life…

In fact, let me share with you how you can start gaining clarity and direction in your life within the next ten minutes, and uncover the difference you’ve never found in all your searching . . .

To insure that your transaction is safe, we use a third party secure processing company, so your order information is kept safe and completely confidential. So, when you click, you will be taken to a secure order page.

Your order is then processed immediately, and you’ll get a receipt for your purchase with a real-time transaction number, and a link to where you will be able to download your ebook immediately.

The whole process takes just a few minutes. Then you’ll be reading your ebook and starting the exercises… in less than 10-minutes from right now.

Is… Read more…

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Wealth Master Interviews -

Wealth Master Interviews -
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“Two Of The World’s Most Successful Hypnotists Let You Eavesdrop  As They Reveal The Secrets They’ve Used To Become Insanely Rich..Guaranteed”

You may have read any one of my 30 books, listened to some of my best selling programs or seen me on national TV.

And that’s all great but the purpose of this letter is to introduce you to the Joe Vitale that many people don’t even know existed not too long ago.

I knew I was fairly intelligent and felt like I could offer something great to the world but everything I tired tried turned into utter disaster.

I used to wonder how much different my life would be if money flowed easily to me like it seemed to do for so many people.

I even felt a little resentful that others seemed to “attract money” no matter how lazy, unmotivated, untalented or uneducated they may have been.

The problem is that most people don’t have the time to play this game of failing until you finally hit a winner.

Now it may be no surprise to you that I have completely turned my life around and have showed countless others how to do the same.

But what you may not know is that much of what I teach is based on something called the 80/20 rule or The Pareto principle.

So many times people wrapped in trying to do too many things to attain wealth when in reality they really only have to do a few things.

Now imagine that person on the left trying to manually pick the person up on the right with no leverage.

Well if you’ve been trying to become wealthy and you’ve been unsuccessful thus far it’s probably because you’re not using leverage.

He was telling me that one of the biggest challenges people come to him for help with is having the ability to create wealth.

I could totally relate because that’s what people come to me for help with most of the time as well.

We started touching on some really powerful stuff and we thought “why not take a step back, start the conversation all over again and actually film the entire thing on videos so we can use it to help others?”

I asked Steve 20 of the most important questions I could think of when it comes to building wealth and then he did the same thing to me.

Since then we’ve sent the interview to a videographer to improve the viewing quality and embled it as a fancy little program with 40 videos called “The Wealth Master Interviews” but in actuality it’s just us sharing some intense secrets over a conversation.

So what you will hear is pretty similar to what you would hear if you were having dinner with us and we were having this same conversation.

In fact, at one time people were paying upwards of $5,000 to spend an evening with me to learn these same secrets.

If you order today as part of this introductory offer you can the entire behind closed doors interview for just $37.

Grab the Wealth Master Interviews right now at the heavily discounted price and the start using leverage to achieve wealth faster and easier.

PS – Remember this is not theory. These are the proven secrets that we’ve used to change our lives and they can help you too.

PPS – Also, if for any reason you are not satisfied we will buy The Wealth Master Interviews back from you. No questions asked.

Enter your email below and Joe will share his tools and recommendations you can use to find true success…

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