Public Speaking Training – Presentation Skills – Speak without Fear – Persuasive Speech Topics – Step Up and Speak – Dale Mercer

Public Speaking Training  - Presentation Skills - Speak without Fear - Persuasive Speech Topics -  Step Up and Speak - Dale Mercer
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The SECRET To Your Speaking Success, is tapping into the mind of a Top Public Speaker "Discover How To Become an Influential High Impact Speaker By Following My Easy To Use Public Speaking Course"

The truth is, you don’t EVER have to suffer in front of a group. The good news is – you can present… the problem is most don’t know HOW. (Keep reading to find out how you can speak with ease and LOVE the process…)

…I recommend Step Up and Speak whether they be a starting out speaker, or an accomplished speaker…

PRESS PLAY TO WATCH VIDEO G’ Day Dale… it’s Wez Hone here, I just thought I’d let you know that I listened to your program and I LOVED IT! I just wanted to send you a video to let you know some of things that have happened since watching your videos and listening to your audio program. You don’t know me but I’m actually a business coach; I’ve done allot of speaking over the years. I’ve maybe 150-170 presentations on the subject of business and never had any formal training. But someone told me about your program so I got it and I LOVE IT! What I have managed to learn in the ability to use diction enunciation and actually structure my presentations so they flow a little bit better rather than just off the cuff. And you wouldn’t believe it but I’ve actually created my own audio program with what I’ve learn’t from your ‘Step Up and Speak’ program. So, thanks Dale, it been phenomenal to learn the process to actually lay that as a track and become a better speaker. I recommend Step Up and Speak to anybody whether they be a starting out speaker or an accomplished speaker and they speak on the circuit because what it does is it refines you. It cuts those dodgy edges off your presentation skills and refines you as a speaker. Whether you’re new or experienced, you’ll learn allot from Dale’s ‘Step Up and Speak’ program to refine you as a speaker. Dale, just wanted to let you know; mate I love it; I recommend it to everybody. And if you have anyone who wants to talk to me, just send them through. Wez Hone Action Business Coach

Hi Dale, I just wanted to tell you that I just finished your course – "Step Up & Speak – The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Prepare and Present Winning Presentations". I have really have to say; WOW! I thought I knew alot about speaking since I’m a professional speaker and business coach, but I’ve learned so much since going through your program. I LOVED the secret which is one of my favorites in Session 5 about using more power words in my presentations and I’m putting that to use right away. And I’m also really excited about using the ‘Chunking Method’. You’d think I’d know about this by know being a seasoned professional…but I didn’t and I need help with extemporaneous speaking. So I’m using the method that you go into great detail in session 10 right away. I’ve spoken to small groups; I’ve spoken to auditorium sized venues and this method will definitely increase my presentation skills tremendously. So, I wanted to tell you thank you so much, especially sharing your step-by-step blueprint. It makes all of the content you give so easy to digest and implement. And your program helped me to become a better speaker just be implementing, many, many of these ideas. I think it will help anyone to give better presentations whether they’re are new to the speaking arena or they are a seasoned veteran like me. So, I have to honestly say…YOU’RE NOT CHARGING ENOUGH:-)! I thought you gave tremendously value for the investment. Thank you so much! Tammy Laudau

…Watch How One Network Marketer was able to use my system for excellent video and in-person presentations…

I just thought I’d drop you a quick video email because I wanted to say thank you very much for your excellent Step Up and Speak audio and video series which I was lucky enough to get hold of. And since doing the course, my video and presentation skills are getting much, much better. Most of my work is doing presentation skills for the web and since taking your course, I’ve noticed that people are leaving comments on my blog and on my videos saying how much my presentation skills have improved. What they don’t know is I have been working my way slowly through your course over the last few months and I have been incorporating many of the ideas into my presentations. In the past, I’ve always lacked confidence when speaking; either to a live audience or… Read more…

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