Low Cost Car Insurance – Cheapest Car Insurance

Low Cost Car Insurance - Cheapest Car Insurance
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Dear Reader, If you had talked to Mike Doyle that day, you’d know why he was in such a lousy mood. Two age drivers on his car insurance policy. One with two speeding tickets in 6 months and the other with a recent accident on her driving record. And Mike? He was getting absolutely slammed by his car insurance company. His car insurance was going to cost $1,137 more the coming year – that was a whopping 43% increase. Mike first turned to what most folks do – he called around to different car insurance companies to see if he could find low car insurance. It didn’t happen. These other companies wanted to charge him even more.

But when he spent several minutes reviewing the dead-simple guide I’m about to describe, his entire outlook changed.

Today, after faithfully following the guide, he’s actually paying $93 less than what he was paying….even with the age-terrors on his policy. He went from staring at an $1,137 increase to a $93 decrease. Imagine that. All Mike did was -

And if you’re reading this, you’re probably just like Mike. You’re sick and tired of paying so much for car insurance….and you’re looking for a way to slash those costs.

Hi, my name is Tom O’Leary….and I’m going to reveal it….and show you why shopping around for car insurance is the last thing you should do when setting up your car insurance policy. It all began a little less than two years ago. I was at a Christmas party and someone brought up car insurance costs. I couldn’t believe what some of these families were paying for car insurance. One guy was paying more than $2,200 a year. Another was paying almost $3,000. I thought to myself, "How in the world could their car insurance cost that much." So I jumped into the conversation and p ed along a little wisdom about how to get the car insurance they needed….at a much lower price. So, how did I find myself in the position of being an "advisor" on car insurance? Because that’s what I’ve done over the years. I’ve had the pleasure of helping small and medium sized companies manage their automotive fleets….which includes lowering their car insurance costs. Long story short, I agreed to send out a few tips by e-mail to four friends who were interested. A few days later, it had mushroomed out of control. I ended up getting 57 requests for advice in the next month. The result – that little e-mail I was sending out had helped my friends save $48,631.87 on their car insurance. Later that winter, I thought, "How many other folks out there are being taken advantage of and overpaying for car insurance?" Turns out, it’s millions of people just like you. You see, the car insurance industry is spending Billions of Dollars a year on TV and radio advertising to get you to call or hop online -

"So you can cut your car insurance costs by up to 15% or more" or "Save up to $300 when you you switch to us".

In fact, Gieco and Progressive Insurance combined spent well over a 1 Billion dollars last year on their advertising. Why are they spending so much money to try and get you to switch? Because selling car insurance coverage is a License to Print Money….and car insurance companies know that most folks don’t know how to set up their car insurance policy….so they overpay each and every year they drive. Here are the three reasons why you are overpaying for car insurance now….and why shopping for car insurance is the last thing you should do:

The fact is, if you’re waiting around for your car insurance company to help lower your costs, or that state Governments will protect you, it’ll never happen.

To make that happen, I wrote a simple, easy-to-use guide to geting the cheapest car insurance possible by showing you 12 Simple Formulas that use business theories of money management (my job), practical nitty-gritty tips, tricks, and tactics that you can use to get rock-bottom, low cost car insurance….for life…all in less than 60 minutes. Then I gave it a name – "How To Get Low Cost Car Insurance For Life" – and made the guide available.

Are you paying eight hundred dollars a year? One thousand? Two thousand dollars? Four thousand dollars or more? W ver amount you’re paying for car insurance, it’s to much. You can expect to spend an average – are you ready for this – $109,523.00 during your lifetime. More than a hundred-grand on car insurance – unbelievable! A few will spend less. Most will spend more….a lot more… Read more…

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