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Inspiring Speakers Bureau - Members Area
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For most speakers, the biggest challenges in starting a professional speaking business are gaining visibility, building a client database, and getting hired. Inspiring Speakers Bureau is working to help speakers of every experience level overcome these hurdles by offering representation to speakers who commit to their professional development by enrolling in our industry leading professional training program, Motivational Speaker Academy. This membership is designed specifically for all new and emerging speakers, trainers, coaches, entertainers, writers, thought leaders and information entrepreneurs.

In addition to receiving cutting edge training that empowers speakers to launch and grow a business through their own marketing initiatives, all Motivational Speaker Academy members are eligible for representation with Inspiring Speakers Bureau. Every new member is given an individual speaker profile (identical in appearance to our currently represented speakers as found in our speaker drop-down list found on our homepage) where they can add and update their picture, full biography, speaking fee, and additional program and presentation information.

Though Inspiring Speakers Bureau in no way guarantees that newly added speakers will be hired for speaking engagements, representation with our bureau is helping our members gain increased visibility for their speaking services. If our clients and planners approach us requesting a speaker with your areas of expertise, we will send out your information in our Speaker Proposal Packages. As you can imagine, the better your speaker profile page looks (high quality picture, well written bio, relevant expertise, etc.) the more likely it will be that our planners and clients hire you.

"Within the first two months of membership, I was able to sign a radio show, based on my book, P ion By Design, and have just been signed for another 12 weeks! I know without a doubt, the Motivational Speaker Academy e-course defined my intentions, gave me a course of action, and heightened my level of confidence. I plan on reviewing the lessons over and over to continue to layer my career with the richness of what this program offers." -Sandy Peckinpaw www.p

"In a word…priceless! When I became an Inspiring Speakers Bureau – Motivational Speaker Academy member, I had already acquired some experience as a professional speaker, mostly to local audiences. I had previously paid substantial sums of money and devoted a lot of time on other programs for speakers, only to find they did not deliver what they promised. In no uncertain terms, your material is accurate, relevant, and best of all it is based on real world industry experience. From establishing yourself as an expert, to learning how to use emotion, to knowing when and how to hire a virtual istant, this training e-course should be required learning for all speakers. -Steve Gallegos

"Not only have I gained advanced speaker training but also valuable suggestions regarding how to manage the business of speaking. This is the first online program that I have taken that I have embraced with such enthusiasm and commitment. Thank you Inspiring Speakers Bureau and Motivational Speaker Academy." -Linda J. Lord, H.A.S

If and when you are hired for a speaking engagement, Inspiring Speakers Bureau takes a 25% commission from your overall speaking fee. Our bureau’s commission percentage is standard across the professional speaking industry. In addition to being one of the longest serving bureaus (operational since 1997), Inspiring Speakers has a broad and ever-growing client base throughout North America and Europe, as well as an emerging client base in the Middle East and Asia. Meeting and event planning professionals around the world use and trust our bureau, and corporate clientele from diverse industry backgrounds visit our website every day.

Many of our speakers take advantage of the fact that they are represented by our bureau by including a link to their Inspiring Speakers Bureau profile page on various sites where they market their speaking services, as well as on their own website to increase their credibility and professionalism. We encourage you to make the most of your representation with us by taking the same approaches. Here’s an example of how our speakers market their representation with our bureau, found at – Look under ‘Contact Info’ below Kevin’s picture and click on the ‘Official Website’ link to go to his unique speaker profile page on the Inspiring Speakers Bureau website.

Speakers who are represented with our bureau are seen by visiting meeting planners and our client base, but they also get broad exposure thanks to our strong search engine optimization ranking for the keywords that matter. Thanks to our longevity, site strength and industry standing, appears in the Google, Yahoo, and MSN Bing search engine results pages for the most commonly searched terms in the professional speaking industry… Read more…

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