Building Self Confidence And Unshakeable Self Worth

Building Self Confidence And Unshakeable Self Worth
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Once you use this 5-step system, you’re going to be very upset especially if you’ve wasted the last year or more of your life…or…you’ve suffered through anxious, uncomfort and even gut-wrenching fear as you the pain of low self-esteem or self-confidence

My name is Jeff Smith, and up until the last 7 years, I quietly suffered from near paralyzing low self-confidence and my life was stuck in a rut.

You may know what I mean, not just the feeling that you’re no longer having fun in your life, but the fear and anxiety of falling behind!

The feeling of having lost control over your energy, creativity and happiness ⦠and… the sheer terror of not knowing where you will be in another year if something doesn’t change – and fast!

But remarkebly, this single discovery is the ONLY reason I now have regained control over my life, my happiness and no longer live in a world of fear and anxiety.

Yet looking at this powerful system and how utterly simple it was to apply, I have stop from slapping myself for not doing this sooner saving years of gut-wrenching anxiety, lost potential and discomfort…not to mention the relationships and opportunities lost along the way.

Jeff, Your statement on Page 39, "Lack of action is always a symptom of other imbalances in your life", hits the nail on the head as to why your program can be a success. Having written about success and taught seminars in businesses, colleges, churches and even prison for the past 20+ years, I’m always on the lookout to learn and grow myself. You present some extraordinary ideas and I enjoyed and learned much. Your "8 pillars of greatness" is concise and well written . . .and inspires one to take "action" to find and correct their "imbalances". – Barry Rice

Let me share exactly what that discovery was, but first let me tell you my personal story (I’ve never shared this with ANYONE else)

Lying wide awake in bed at 7:00AM one dark, winter morning trying with every ounce of my being to summon enough energy to make my way 8-steps to the shower to get yet another day underway.

Feeling like I had been out on a 3-day binge (when I hadn’t had a drink), my head t , my stomach already in knots in anticipation of another day filled with frustration, anxiety capped off by the same boring routine was nearly too much to take.

Then, the sheer terror of having to face my boss and co-workers set in…there’s nothing worse than facing significant challenges when your health and self-confidence is at an all-time low – not knowing what will set you off and perhaps make you snap and embarr yourself in front of the people most important to you in your life.

What really convinced me to desperately find a solution to this pain and suffering was the near paralysis and total collapse of my immune system – the consequence of years of barbaric levels of stress, frustration, anxiety, and low self-esteem…it was time to look for answers once and for all.

I was purposely avoiding everyone around me…too scared and anxious to even think about what would happen if I had to put myself on the line.

I’m sure you know what I mean when I say zero self-confidence? Maybe you’re not there yet, but I sure was. I couldn’t speak to my boss, my co-workers, friends – even family – it seemed like they were ALL more confident than I was.

No wonder I was stuck in a rut, not accomplishing ANY of the things I had dreams about…instead I was too wrapped up in my own condition, too fearful, too anxious…

Each day was like the last, more anxiety, more disappointment, more fear…it was getting harder and harder to hold out hope affecting me just as much physically as mentally. I had forgotten completely how to feel good about myself.

We had just had our first child, we were in a tiny town home attached to noisy neighbors and when I got up that morning (I’ll never forget this…), I went right to our living room couch and stayed there for the next 3-days!

I had lost close to 30lbs, hadn’t eaten a proper meal in nearly 1-month, couldn’t digest water, had partial paralysis of my arms and legs and was scared to death of what was next!

I was ONLY 32, had been healthy as a horse and now had missed 8 out of the last 10-days at work, couldn’t digest my meals, had very little hope for the future and literally thought that I might be dying… Read more…

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