Video Tutorial & Legal Forms- Winning Your Credit Debt Case. – QUICKER THAN LEGAL AID

Video Tutorial & Legal Forms- Winning Your Credit Debt Case.  - QUICKER THAN LEGAL AID
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How I found a way to win my debt lawsuit and make the creditors go away permanently without paying a penny! – by Janet J. West If you’re like I was…You’re in debt up to your ears with no way to pay and you’re being sued for so much money you can’t think straight. I understand your situation because that’s exactly where I was just over a year ago… I had no job, no money, and I thought I had no options. If this is you keep reading and I’ll tell you about my story with debt and how I finally found a way to completely beat my debt lawsuit. Like many people, my (debt dilemma) started with a medical emergency. I had open heart surgery in my mid-fifties which then resulted in the loss of my job! My medical insurance did not pay the full amount of my medical expenses, my part was $9,000.00 and I just did not have the money. Soon after the surgery the har ment nightmare began. I started receiving collection letters and then very rude phone calls. They called me a lot – telling me I had to pay or they would take me to court. All the time the balance kept getting bigger but I couldn’t work so I couldn’t pay. And I had no way to borrow the money because my credit was ruined. But they just kept on. It would stop for a while then they’d start in again. It was awful. I went to work at Jenks schools but there was not enough money anywhere to pay that much debt. They never offered a settlement or a way to work out payments. It was always pay or we will sue you. That’s scary. One morning a man came to the door and handed me a summons! And I thought – I’m in trouble now. I told him, “I didn’t have any money”. He said, “I’m sorry but you better take care of this you need to call the attorney”. So I called the attorney and was told they wanted the full amount or they would proceed with the lawsuit. So I ask you – how could I take care of a $9,000.00 debt just like that? It was just dumb luck that I got a letter the next day because I just didn’t know what to do; it read they could help legally win my case. And I thought well what is this? So I called and had a very pleasant conversation with the person who sent the letter Mike Houston. He told me they worked for an attorney that had been helping people in debt for 25 years but he was retiring and told them someone has to help these people. So he wrote all the do ents to help them beat these kinds of lawsuits. But you have to respond to the summons with-in 30 days because once you get a judgment the next thing is your paycheck is garnished up to 25%. I made an appointment to go to their office, it was a little uncomfortable but that’s O.K. because I had to take care of it. When I got there they showed me several other cases where they’d gotten the case dismissed by filing the attorneys’ do ents. What I found interesting is that no one had lost their case in over a year. I went over to his office one time they filled out the legal forms. Because I had nothing to lose I had no money to even pay them but they did it anyway. What they did I appreciate it a whole lot that’s why I’m writing this letter. I found out collection companies are filing millions of these lawsuits every year but if you don’t respond in time with the right do ents – you lose; you lose your income, your bank account, and maybe your job. I got a letter from the court about six weeks later I was afraid to open it so I called Mr. Houston and he said, “Well open it”. So I did. And it said CASE DISMISSED. That was well over a year ago and I’ve heard nothing from the plaintiff since; I have not received a collection letter or a phone call for over a year either. This really took a load of my mind so now I can start getting my life back together. Now I’m very much happier… But I was lucky – I got the letter! The good news is, you don’t have to get a letter or make an appointment, you can sign up, fill out & print all the legal forms off the… Read more…

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