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Dance Seduction Moves -
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Chi Szeto is the dance instructor that dating and pick-up coaches depend on worldwide for dance advice. For the first time, he is revealing all his methods for hooking up with hot, gorgeous women from the bars and clubs in this special video set.

Have you ever looked at hot, women moving on the dance floor… wanted to start talking or dancing with them… but had no idea what to say, how to approach, and what you would actually do if they were interested? I know exactly what it’s like because I was in the exact same position.

When you look at gorgeous girls dancing together, it can seem like there’s an invisible wall you can’t cross to get their attention.

They look like they’re having a lot more fun than you… and even if you do get the courage to go up and talk to them, they barely hear you.

Or best case scenario, one of them is willing to dance with you a little bit… before a friend drags her away three minutes later… and she forgets about you instantly. It’s like you never existed. Most of the time though… you just stand there and watch because you have no idea what to do.

1) A few years ago, I was awful with women, both on and off the dance floor. 2) Learning how to dance… even extremely well… didn’t help ? until I learned the secret I’m about to share with you.

A lot of my most successful students have come from very hard times with women. Tell me if this describes you at all:

After training a ton of men, young and old, I can tell you that the dance floor is the hardest place in the world to pick up women if you don’t know what you’re doing…

But it’s the easiest place in the world to meet women if you know the secrets I’m about to share with you.

I always loved music and would watch MTV and VH1 growing up, practicing dance moves in my room… but I wasn’t very good at it.

At the same time, I was awkward with women and not very popular in general, so I thought that dancing well would get me approval from others… and hopefully that would land me a girlfriend.

All I had to do was be that guy who was in the middle of the dance floor impressing everyone… and everything would be great.

And I got good. Like good enough to get on TV and back-up dance for major pop artists Internationally at concerts. But I still wasn’t successful with women.

It didn’t make sense! I was getting loads of compliments, and yes… girls did want to dance with me when I was the center of the attention.

But then after one or two songs, the girls would always say, “Thanks for the dance!” and run back to their friends as if I was just the entertainment for the moment.

Then later in the night, I would see the same girl making out with a handsome, cool-looking guy who could barely dance at all. It was heartbreaking.

I started to wonder, “What’s the point of being a great dancer if it doesn’t even get me laid??”

The reality soon hit me: “Dancing well” and “Dancing to get girls” are two very different skills.

And I later found out that this is great news because learning how to get girls while dancing is a hell of a lot easier than dancing well, period.

If you want to dance at my level professionally, it will take you thousands of hours of cl es, practice, and performance.

But if you want to dance well enough to get a woman’s attention and take her home with you, I can teach you that in one weekend.

I probably know more about dancing in the clubs than just about any man in the United States. I’ve made a career out of partying, danced with Kaba Modern, trained with the Jabbawockeez, been featured on several TV shows, but the truth is…

I only use about 2% of my dance knowledge (if that)… when I’m seducing a woman on the dance floor.

Yes, you only need a few dance moves and some specific, easy-to-learn strategies to go from spotting a woman dancing to getting her in your arms making out in minutes.

The other 98% of dance knowledge and skill will just waste your time and make you an entertaining monkey for the rest of the club.

Now w ver physical shape you’re in right now, let me tell you what your requirements are to use my methods:

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