30 Days to Wealth – Your Key to Prosperity Consciousness and Unlimited Wealth and Abundance!

30 Days to Wealth - Your Key to Prosperity Consciousness and Unlimited Wealth and Abundance!
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Maybe youre scaredits difficult NOT to be with all of the news about the Global Financial Crisis. Yikes!

You struggle and struggle to make ends meet, and just when you finally think you’re making headway, the financial world goes crazy…you don’t know whether you’re up or down, and the future seems very uncertain.

Attract more money into your life, expanding your financial abundance

Shorten your learning curve by benefiting from the knowledge of others who have already created financial success

Learn to think like the wealthy and open the floodgates to prosperity

Set an example for others as you create financial freedom for yourself!

Since you have found this page, we share a connection based on similar desires and struggles. I have transformed my own life from one of scarcity and fear to one filled with abundance, joy and p ion (see below for my story). My life’s mission is to help YOU do the same. There is no need to suffer, and this book, along with the incredible package of exclusive bonuses, offer a complete solution.

When you know how money really works, and what it REALLY takes to make it, attract it, keep it, grow it and enjoy it, you can invest wisely and breathe a sigh of relief.

Many people lack a basic financial education…but this can be addressed by going to the library, studying on the Internet, hiring financial help, etc..

Now, here is a little-spoken-of secret: while a solid financial education is extremely important, how you feel about money is equally important. This is a KEY FACTOR which holds millions of people back from achieving their dream of financial freedom.

Most people don’t realize they hold limiting beliefs which cause them to either repel money or to put a cap on the abundance they will allow themselves…and ONLY YOU can change your limiting beliefs about money.

You may know that your subconscious mind is an influential force in your life, but the deepest truth is that it can literally MAKE OR BREAK YOUR DREAMS.

FACT: If you are like most people, you are PRE-PROGRAMMED to keep yourself from having the things you want!

Think about it: You have a lifetime of conditioning that keeps you from chasing your dreams. How many times have you been told not to reach too high, or that your dreams are unattainable? Sadly, for many people, this programming often keeps them from even dreaming big in the first place.

NO MORE – you have just found the solution. This book will help you explode through your existing programming and create a new, exciting path for yourself.

You will align yourself with the energy of money and develop your wealth consciousness.

"30 Days to Wealth: "…Takes the reader on a 30-day journey of self discovery as well as real-world action that changes the reader’s understanding of their relationship with money, and ultimately with themselves."

"A valuable tool for creating the "wealth mindset" which in turn creates actual wealth. There are certain "real world" cir stances that human beings create in order to experience financial abundance, but as with all things, the process needs to start in our heads before any progress can be made out in the real world."

Now is the time for you to learn to think like the wealthy…to expand your prosperity consciousness, and set an example for those around you as you create financial freedom for yourself!

If you’re ready to END FRUSTRATION and take control of your financial future for good, this book was created for you. Order now and get started on your new financial future!

In other words, what you think about, you will create. This is the Law of Attraction in action. You can literally create wealth!

FACT: The subconscious mind is extremely impressionable, and will act upon w ver information it is fed consistently.

This means you can learn to think in ways that encourage and attract Prosperity and Abundance, AND effectively train your subconscious mind to help you create m ive wealth! This book is designed to help you do that, with speed and power.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING…"Increase Wealth in ALL Areas!"

"30 Days to Wealth, with a simple daily empowering message calling you to take action, will allow you to move forward in your life. This simple tool will help you to increase wealth in all areas of your life and you will learn that wealth is so much more than being about the money. I love the practical approach Shauna has given me."

- Suzie Cheel, The Abundance Highway – Journey to Freedom

Now you can train your subconscious in a NEW way of interpreting and delivering information so that it works like a partner to help you notice opportunities and create abundance, not deny… Read more…

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