High Definition Time Management and Productivity – Output Overdrive – Cody Wheeler

High Definition Time Management and Productivity - Output Overdrive - Cody Wheeler
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In fact, when I recently ran a survey on my website, I came across this exact conclusion. 82% of respondents cited "not enough time" as the number one reason they have been unable to achieve their goals.

You stay up all night. You feel like you work harder than everyone else, but somehow it just never seems to be enough to achieve what you want to achieve. No matter what you try you just can’t get over the hump to live the life of your dreams.

Before I started my first business,I was basically on a hamster wheel of life. I was fresh out of college as an undergraduate, and didn’t have a whole lot of direction. I knew I wanted to be really successful, but I just didn’t know how. I worked and worked and worked, and never seemed to get anywhere, even though I felt like I was working really hard.

From there, I had to figure out something, or else my business was going to fail, and it nearly did. So I started studying the science of productivity, motivation, goal setting, and creating a successful mindset.

Hi – I’m Cody Wheeler, founder of Academy Success, the place where people like you turn to learn life skills they don’t learn in school.

From that point in my life when I began to study productivity, I started to figure things out, and my life almost instantly took off.

I’m now certified as a CSM and CSPO by the Scrum Alliance, have an MBA from Indiana University, have written two books, built two six figure businesses, and created a six figure net worth all before the age of 30.

I’ve now taught hundreds of my students at Academy Success how to supercharge their lives by learning to make effective use of their time.

Whether it’s a million dollar business, traveling around the world, having complete financial freedom, or any other goal you want to achieve, you first have to develop the mindset that allows you to achieve the things you’ll need to achieve along the way to get there.

Long-term thinking. Positive self-talk. Getting people to support you, and developing a proactive mindset.

Until you learn these lessons and more, all of the work in the world won’t get you to where you want to be.

You probably "worked" all day long, and you may have even gotten a few things accomplished, but when you look back at your goals and compare them to what you worked on that day, you didn’t make a single bit of progress, and it probably went pretty slowly as well.

This problem stems from a lack of proper task management, and if you don’t know how to focus your daily activities on a goal, and utilize specific techniques to churn through them as fast as you can, you’re probably not making much progress at all.

Productivity does not just stop with life hacks to do things faster. You have to learn how to eliminate the "busy-ness" from your life so you can focus on what you really need to. 

Without proper productivity systems in place, all you’ll have is a series of tactics. You very well may get a few things done here and there, but your progress will eventually fizzle out to a streak of laziness and failure.

Tim Ferriss, Ramit Sethi, Walt Disney, Steven Covey, Napolean Hill, Seth Godin, Richard Branson, and many more.

Once you start studying people like this, you begin to understand that people that who REALLY understand productivity don’t focus on working harder during the day, or working longer hours.

They focus on scientific methods and systems that allow them to achieve a higher level of output with less effort.

You then begin to understand how to take advantage of your natural physiology and biology to work faster while staying focused.

You then understand how to develop the same types of productivity systems they use to put their lives on autopilot, the same systems I used when building my six figure businesses.

I’ve used these techniques in my own life to achieve many of my highest goals to date, including building a $300,000 business before I was 22. I’ve also taught them to hundreds of my students and readers at Academy Success. And now you have the opportunity to learn them for yourself.

In my new course, Output Overdrive, a 27 video High Definition productivity training course, I’ll peel back the curtains on my entire system that I’ve used to build two six figure businesses, and help hundreds of others achieve the goals they’ve been striving for.

I’ll walk you through how to master the deep psychology behind super high output individuals. This is the step most people just don’t get, and it holds… Read more…

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