The ReAwakening Guided Meditations from Angela Artemis & Steven Aitchison

The ReAwakening Guided Meditations from Angela Artemis & Steven Aitchison
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After spending many years doing “self-help,” and working to figure out my own crazy mind and emotions, I started to wonder…

I  mean, it’s challenging enough to get up and go to work everyday, pay the bills, keep the kids happy, and keep the car running right… but that’s only PART of life. We ALSO have to deal with the things that we have going on INSIDE of ourselves.

And the question that kept coming up for me was: Why is it so hard to deal with these things we have going on INSIDE… like fear, anxiety, and other psychological challenges?

Well, one of the answers that I came up with is interesting. And it’s something that I think might help YOU deal with some of these same challenges…

You might think the questions I asked above are really talking to you, and really hitting home, that’s because I really have been there.  I was that person who would get angry and frustrated with myself and ask myself ‘what the hell is wrong with me?’, I was the person who didn’t want to see anybody socially and kept turning down invitations to go out, but felt sorry for myself when nobody called me to go out.  I used to sit on the underground train, going home from work, on Friday nights and look at others on the train secretly wishing I was living their life, they seemed happy, with lots of friends and going out to parties. I couldn’t get organised, I couldn’t get my head together, my thoughts were all over the place, and life just seemed….well…. too much of a h le.

I struggled for years this way and couldn’t see a way out, I literally thought ‘This is my life, I’m going to be stuck like this for the rest of my life.’, that’s how long these feelings had lasted.

The stress I felt at work was unbelievable.  I did have a relatively stressful job, but the way I was feeling I just magnified the stress by a factor of 10.  I look back on that job now and think I could do that with my eyes closed now and not feel any stress or anxiety whatsoever.

My relationships all suffered as I was pushing people away from me, and yet I still expected friends and family to visit me.

My confidence was shot to pieces, and I became the very person I didn’t like when I was younger, you know,  the person who is really mousy, timid, excessively shy, don’t look you in the eye, almost pleased that you even acknowledge them….I had become that person….that’s not a life!

The worst part was going to the doctor expecting him to cure me and instead I was told I was stressed with symptoms of depression and anxiety and then I was fed with some drugs that would supposedly alleviate these feelings.

The last straw came early one morning.  I had been lying in the bath for about an hour, until the water had turned cold. I dragged myself out of the bath and slowly dried myself.  I opened the medicine cabinet and took out my dose of pills and put them in my hand….. I just stared at these little white and blue pills….I must have done this for ten minutes…….and then…. I threw them down the sink.

I had to cure myself.  I was the only person who knew me and I was going to be the person who would fix me.  I had a clarity I hadn’t felt in years, a vision for my future.  I wasn’t going to live like this any more…I was worth so much more than this.

Jump to today and I honestly could not be living a better life: A beautiful wife, inside and out, two great children, a hyperactive dog, beautiful house, good friends, and a job I love in personal development.

We are not given the right tools and information to deal with stresses and strains of everyday life, THERE IS NO INSTRUCTION MANUAL.  Yes, medication can help, but medication should only be a short term solution to deal with the symptoms.  But, what we need is to deal with the heart of the problem and to eradicate the problem

Honestly, if you’d known me back then you wouldn’t recognize me as the same person today.  I am one ordinary person who has managed to find a solution to my problems and I believe what we have come up with can help you too.

I realized that instead of trying to deal with each individual problem IN THE MOMENT… I would get FAR better results… Read more…

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