Krav Maga On-Line Course is the Best Self Defense Method

Krav Maga On-Line Course is the Best Self Defense Method
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You Need To End The Fight In A Few Seconds. You Can’t Rely On Nice Moves Or To Be Gentle And Polite. You Have To Be Relentless And Do W ver You Can To Win The Fight Quickly.

"Krav Maga The Best Self Defense Method For Street Fighting Is Finally Available As A Complete Home Study Course! Learn The Special Moves Used By The Israeli Army, FBI and CIA Designed To Overcome Face To Face Attackers In Seconds!"

If you came to this website you already know the importance of knowing self defense.You’ve surely heard about all sorts of martial art methods. But let me show you the real thing. Not just another martial arts method, but in fact this is the only self defense method used by the Israeli army, CIA and the FBI. These units are using "Krav Maga" since it is a method that answers the need to overcome in seconds face to face attackers and was developed for this only purpose! When you have only a few seconds to overcome your attacker you need to use dirty moves. This is why "Krav Maga" was developed and now is your chance to learn it by yourself.

When you’re on the street confronted by a bully,you are at disadvantage. That means that the bully is so familiar with street fighting and it comes very naturally to him to hit you to the ground. If you want to overcome his natural control you need to use those few seconds that you have to end the fight. This is exactly what I want you to know.The special moves that will stop your attacker in a matter of seconds. These are not those fancy moves that are taught in martial arts. You need to react swiftly in real time street fighting.The main principle in "Krav Maga" is to end the fight in seconds.

The details and statistics are devastating, according to the United States Justice Department: Simple ault is the most frequently occurring violent crime. In 2008 for example there were 3.3 million simple ault victimizations, and 4.9 million nonfatal violent victimizations of people 12 and older.And these are just the nonfatal instances in the US alone!

Krav Maga is recognized as the world’s best self-defense method – developed by the Israeli army and successfully implemented by special army forces, police units and secret service forces for face-to-face combat.

These forces and thousands of civilians have chosen Krav Maga as their preferred self-defense method. Now you too can learn the exact same moves on-line! The krav maga moves are based on the most natural body moves. This is why those moves will fly from you instinctively without even thinking.

I have 30 years of experience in Krav Maga.I am a top instructor for police units and security services around the world,and have specially designed courses for civilian men,women and children. I have trained many of them to the black belt level.

41 videos with the most brutal moves that will crash your attacker and knock him down in seconds. Each video comes both in regular and slow motion, with vocal explanation in the background that explains what you should do – making it easy to learn.You’ll get everything you need to know to emerge safely from an attack!

An e-book that details step-by-step explanations, accompanied by pictures that beautifully capture and demonstrate each and every move. The e-book itself is a step-by-step guide to the exact moves that appear in the video movies. You can read the e-book and listen simultaneously to the mp3 files to maximize your mastery of the moves.

And that’s not all! You also get the mp3 files that explain each move.You can listen to the voice explanation while reading the e-book – or while driving your car.

A combination like this has never been seen before! This is a complete home study course of the deadliest street fighting method in the world. You’ll get all possible media types to cover every possible mode of self-learning.

In the first version of the course there were 36 videos. At the last minute I decided to add to this course another course of mine "Defense Against Knife – Special Threats" without an extra charge! This course compiled of 5 videos, an e-book and 5 mp3 files teaches special defense techniques to cope with common knife threats.

Discover the simple blow that defends and at the same time crashes your opponent down – leaving him in great pain on the floor! (page 13 and relevant video)

Discover the single blow that can end the fight in a split of a second. It will put your attacker… Read more…

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