The Panic Puzzle – Start Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks Today

The Panic Puzzle – Start Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks Today
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If you have anxiety, panic attacks, or a phobia of any kind, the below is probably all too familiar to you…

As you’re about to find out, your suffering is needless, serves no purpose, and most importantly, can be overcome.

What is anxiety really? How do panic attacks and anxiety get started in the first place and why is it so tough to overcome?

Of course! As someone who overcame anxiety I know what a silly question that is. How could you forget, right?

Maybe you have a genetic predisposition to have anxiety. Do other people in your family have similar issues?

But now, no matter what was making you anxious at the time of your first attack, you’re afraid of havingANOTHER terrible experience like that one!

It really doesn’t matter what caused your first attack, even if we knew it wouldn’t be of much help, because as you’ll see, the solution is the same.

So you had your first attack, for w ver reason, and from that single experience you developed an anxiety response that you carry with you to this day.

From that first attack, you’ve learned to interpret your feelings of anxiety (sometimes even very minor anxiety or stress that everyone feels) as a threat.

When you feel you’re threatened, it activates your body’s “fight or flight” response, which is nature’s way of protecting you. Within fractions of a second, hormones pump through your body and prepare you to fight off a dangerous predator, or run away as fast as you can…to fight or flee.

If you see a vicious dog running at you from the corner of your eye, you WANT your heart already pumping so you can run away fast.

You WANT your hearing to be heightened, and your vision hyper focused, so you pay attention to and focus on your threat.

But when you’re getting a haircut, or in line at the grocery store, or in traffic, and there’s no REAL threat, you don’t want or need any of that!

In fact, all it does is scare you and make you uncomfortable. Your heart pounds for seemingly no reason. You feel like you’re losing control of your body as the hormones surge through your muscles. Your vision gets blurry, your hands and feet tingle, and your palms sweat, all while thoughts race out of control through your head…

You probably already know on a logical level that you’re not in any genuine danger from your anxiety.

Your response is an instinctual one, as we’ve talked about. You’re not reacting on a rational, logical level, like you do when someone asks you if you want some iced tea. You don’t yze the situation, calmly thinking things like, “Am I thirsty? Do I want tea or soda? Maybe a lemon wedge…”

You don’t really THINK at all, at least not in the way you normally do. You just REACT based on thousands of years of evolution.

It’s not your fault, you’re not doing anything wrong, and you’re not weak, sick, or strange.

You’re not having a logical reaction, it’s a reaction that’s occurring on a deeper level, one much more difficult to control and influence.

What you need to do is to learn how to gain control over your reaction on that other level, because all the logical thought and arguments in the world won’t make much of a difference until you change the root of the problem.

Trying to talk yourself out of a panic attack is like trying to get the milk back in the gl once you’ve spilled it, it’s too late!

Don’t take my word for it, think about it. Haven’t you already been telling yourself to just relax and calm down? Haven’t you tried to make the feelings that come out of nowhere go away? Don’t you try and hold yourself together? Haven’t you heard to “accept” it before?

You wouldn’t try and teach a dog to fetch a stick by sitting it down and explaining it to him would you?

Whenever you get anxious or even THINK about a situation that bothers you, your mind remembers your past anxiety attacks and how you responded. It doesn’t have to try very hard to remember and get in touch with those feelings because the reaction was so strong it left quite an impression in your memory. Remember how easy it was to recall your first attack and… Read more…

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