Women Empowerment Challenge Develops Successful Women

Women Empowerment Challenge Develops Successful Women
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Blocks to Money, Low Self-Esteem, Codependency and Other Relationship Problems…Emotional Eating, Work or Business Stress or Other Issues That Stop You From Experiencing Success in Your Life Your Solution Is One Click Away.

We Women are really sold a ton of B.S. on who we should be if we are successful, how we should be and what we should be doing based on someone else’s definition of success. Well I am here to tell you that you CAN be yourself, have integrity, have fun and not have to settle for less! My step-by-step Women Empowerment Challenge is your very own Secret System To Success.

Well, you’re in the right place. And I can’t wait to help you! But first, I have to share, that just like you I am tired of seeing all the B.S. out there when it comes to pushing, struggling and striving to be successful. And, have you noticed that women in general are getting tired of it too? At one recent event I attended, it was pretty evident. As one presenter went on stage, you could see the crowd cringe as he barked questions at them, yelled at them to answer “yes!” to everything he said, bossed them to raise their hand whenever he did, made them repeat back phrases like a parrot, and finally tried to bully them into joining his self-help success program. It was painful for everyone but mostly for the women! We are not designed that way. We want to feel good not bad! His tactics were painful to the hearts and souls of the women there. I heard that this speaker, like most of the others there who shared the same “in-your-face” style, did more harm than good for the reputation of the seminar host. This shocked the seminar host! Why? Some of these self-help guru’s have been around for years and have past proven track records of being top sellers. She thought she was helping her audience but she was following the out-dated masculine model of success;Ignore your feelings, drown your feelings and achieve success at all costs.

I sat in the back and quietly smiled, thinking, “It’s finally happened…” Women are smartening up. That old school masculine model of success and brow-beating people is gone. Women, and some men, are fed up with being bossed around, overwhelmed, insulted and made to feel like garbage. Enough already!

This is the perfect opportunity for the birth of the Womanly Wealth Club that empowers women to succeed, values women and treats them with respect. Ladies, please listen up: Learning how to be successful in every area of your life does NOT require taking a course from someone who bullies you, tricks you, bosses you around and makes you feel bad.

That may be the “masculine-model” you learned as a little girl but it’s SO on the way out. You will not get the results you want in your life and be the successful woman you are meant to be with joyful effort and joyful ease if you keep using that same old format. I see so many of you still struggling with this. You’re taking those self-help or development courses and those methods just don’t feel right to you and they don’t work for you.

What if I told you that going after your dreams and being your best could be completely PAINLESS for you….In fact, even downright enjoyable….Imagine that! AND, let’s not forget about extremely EMPOWERING.

Because, I myself, after years of struggle and trying different success programs (including the “proven” old boys’ formulas) had finally figured out what works for me; for women. I FINALLY figured out the formula myself. And once I figured it out for myself, I’ve enjoyed success in every area of my life and feel good; without having to eat or drink myself happy! I’ll never forget that feeling of finally WORKING WITH MYSELF instead of against myself. And that’s EXACTLY what I’m laying out for you, step by step, in this groundbreaking, never before offered, Empowerment Program that shows you how to be successful and feel good.

What is success for women? Imagine feeling fearless confidence and courage to ask for what you want and get it without apologizing or feeling guilty

What Is Success For Women? Imagine having what you want without sacrificing what you value in the areas of Personal Growth, Relationships, Health, Career and Business, Money and Finances as well as Life Purpose and Giving Back

What Is Success For Women? Imagine taking a personal and professional development program that respects, encourages and honors your feminine spirit


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