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Universal Influence - Influential Power Resource
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Well if you take the next 5 minutes to read this letter, I’ll show exactly how you can equip yourself with a rare power that few people have that will position you to create that dream life where you’re in complete control of just about everything.

Before I go any further I must warn you; the information that I’m going to share with you isn’t for everyone.

In fact, most people can’t even wrap their heads around the concepts that I’m going to reveal…not because it’s hard or complicated but because they’re just plain unaware.

Well most people falsely ume that to make more money you have to work harder or become more educated or take a big risk.

Most of the people that think these are the answers to their problems wind up struggling with money forever and alone and miserable.

These are the one’s who take big risks and with a little bit of luck and good timing, they hit the jackpot and live happily ever after.

The other 98% of people that focus on solving their problems this way usually either fail miserably or they remain average forever.

You see, most people will read this letter, click off the page and completely ignore the information because they’ll just write it off as being non-applicable to them.

And that’s fine because all that does is intensify the power of the information for those who don’t dismiss it and actually take it seriously.

My name is Paul Mascetta around 15 years ago I discovered this information and chose to accept it’s power when I had to face the harsh reality that I was NOT any smarter, more talented and certainly would NEVER be more educated than the average person.

You see, even though I knew I was average in terms of education, looks and talent, I also knew I wasn’t going to spend my life working a 9-5 that I d while being controlled by someone else or amounting to nothing without ever making a name for myself somehow.

My mom worked in a kitchen for the public school system and my dad had a few businesses that never went anywhere and was forced to work a job that he d at 60 years old.

The thought of doing anything that even resembled hard work or manual labor was something I dreaded. Fast forward to 2012.

As I write this letter I am sitting at my computer making 6 figures a year right from the comfort of my own home with the freedom and ability to what I want when I want like take my kids to school and wait for them when they get off the bus.

I didn’t want spend the next 18 years of my kids lives working for someone else only to wake up one day and realize they’re all gown up and it was my baby sitter that got to experience all the special moments.

I mean that even though I’m no smarter, more talented or more educated than the average person, I always saw myself as above average…I just didn’t know why or how.

Someone who makes a valuable contribution to the world rather than someone who works to strengthen someone’s else contribution.

Someone who would take the game to the next level rather than sitting on the side lines watching other people do what I could only dream of.

If I really wanted to I could log onto Expedia right now and book a trip to go anywhere in the world….no boss to ask for time off….no schedule to adhere to…no one to answer to except my wife and kids.

In fact, I just scheduled our visit to our summer home in July, a trip to Miami in August and probably will hit Europe and South America at some point soon.

By harnessing the rare power that I said most people will dismiss because they’re completely unaware.

It served as my “get out of jail free” card that I used to navigate my way through life as an average person with above average goals.

I used it to get jobs before I had my own business that college grads would have normally got way before me.

And all it really boils down to is having the ability to get the help you need from other people by having hidden advantage of being able to control the way they respond to your needs.

Do this on a large enough scale and you can begin to change the way the world operates to your advantage.

Maybe you don’t need to change the entire world at this… Read more…

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