Elite Speed Reading – Online Speed Reading Training

Elite Speed Reading - Online Speed Reading Training
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If you want to increase your reading speed, improve your comprehension, and develop your memory, then you’re in the right place!

Elite Speed Reading is an online training program designed to take your reading speed from “average level” all the way up to “expert level” in just 16 weeks. The results you achieve are up to you, but we believe everyone is capable of m ive improvement.

Most people take years to improve their reading ability, and only achieve marginal improvements in speed and comprehension. This training will guide you to an extremely high ability level in just 15 minutes a week.

Elite Speed Reading is a 16-week online training program devoted to guiding your reading ability to an expert level. There are three basic steps to getting this done…

The Elite training takes a 3-pronged approach to tackling those issues: we combine audio training, text exercises, and computer software into a complete training system. Here’s how the training works…

The audio in this course will guide you in an active reading experience. You will have a book in hand, and the audio will lead you, step by step, through tips, techniques, and even tests.

This will be difficult, and you will have to put effort into the process. Through this training, you will gain a detailed understanding of how speed reading works, and acquire solid practical experience in how exactly to apply the techniques.

Most of the time, you’ll be using your own text — a non-fiction book of your choice. But at specific points in the training, you’ll be given exercises, worksheets, and practice material.

This will help you explore concepts that the audio doesn’t fully cover, and practice techniques specific to particular types of text.

As a member of Elite Speed Reading, you’ll be directed to the best free and paid speed reading software available on the internet.

The content here ranges from countdown timers, to tachistoscope-style "word flashers", to full speed reading trainers that can work alongside the main audio instruction.

With professional software guiding you, you’ll be able to practice expert-level techniques more easily, and achieve higher-than-normal rates of speed and comprehension. This will help you accelerate the training in a huge way.

This 40-minute-long mp3 will show you how to double or even triple your reading speed with minimal effort, today.

The techniques on this mp3 all work, and they all work together – so you can combine them in any way you choose, and work them into your actual full-comprehension reading. This is going to have a real and positive effect on your day-to-day life.

Once you listen to the “7 Secrets” mp3, you’re probably going to go right into the Elite training.

Most people take MONTHS to understand why their reading speed is slower than it should be. In under 15 minutes of training, you’re going to see exactly why your reading speed is where it is now, and you’ll be able to start tackling some of the basic problems that come with your speed bracket.

In Week 1 we’re also going to show you how to build up your focus, so that you can fully engage yourself in a reading experience, and maintain non-stop focus while you read. One of the most important things in achieving top reading comprehension is focusing well. This training will give you the ability to concentrate on hard-to-read text, and absorb more information per second, whether you increase your speed or not. These are abilities you can use any time you want — whether you’re reading, listening to a presentation, or even engaged in a conversation — improving your ability to learn under pressure is going to help your life in a huge way.

Here, you’ll learn how to read visually, rather than aurally. The issue of “subvocalization” is a HUGE stumbling block for a lot of people, and if you’ve looked at speed reading programs before, you know this is a big issue. Well with this training, you’re going to learn where that effect comes from, and you’ll discover an easy trick skip over subvocalization completely. When you do this, you’re going to improve your reading speed almost instantly, and at the same time, you’re going to make “boring, heavy text” more interesting and more exciting to read.

It takes a very special individual to appreciate the value of speed reading. After all, it is reading — some people don’t like to read at all!

But anyone who reads a lot can understand the tremendous value at stake here. Whether your focus is academic, professional, or personal, stronger reading skills can give you an extraordinary boost.

The average reading speed in North… Read more…

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