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The Launch Your Life Academy is a life transformation program that provides you with 21 high-impact modules and exercises in which you can complete one each day. It follows a process of building self-awareness, finding your p ion, setting a clear vision for your future and ensuring you set yourself up for success. The exercises are packaged and delivered in a clear and simple way for you to easily implement into our life and get immediate results.

Solution: A step-by-step strategy to elicit what you are truly p ionate about and inspired to do while also earning an income.

Solution: A variety of tools, guides and exercises coupled with live webinars and a strong support network of high achievers and p ionate people to ensure you stay on track and reach success.

Solution: A proven process for helping you identify how you can earn an income from your p ions and skillsets and start doing work you love.

Solution: A proven-formula for being able to start taking the steps necessary to do the things you have always desired to do.

Solution: Expert guidance, live webinars and a strong supportive network of p ionate and successful people all working towards living their best life.

Solution: An Academy that trains you and supports you, every step of the way ensuring you are on the right path and stay focused and motivated and have the support to reach the level of success you desire.

Watch and learn from over 50 premium, high-definition training videos that guide you every step of the way.

Accelerate your success with practical exercises, guides and tutorials that can be easily downloaded and edited for you to use in your life.

We speak with Tim Brownson, founder of A Daring Adventure and Author of Aligning With Your Core Values on the importance of understanding your values and using them to guide your success.

We speak with Barrie Davenport, founder of Live Bold and Bloom and creator of the Path to P ion Course to understand how to find your p ion and live it.

We speak with Celes Chua, founder of Personal Excellence and regular media personality on how to set effective goals, the importance of developing a strategy and how to create an action plan you will actually stay committed to.

We speak with Scott Dinsmore, founder of Live Your Legend and Creator of the How to Connect With Anyone Course on creating your environment.

We speak with Farnoosh Brock, founder of Prolific Living and creator of the Smart Exit Blueprint on how to remove self-limiting beliefs.

We speak with Victor Schueller, founder of the Positively Empowered Radio Show and author of Mediocre No More to discuss all aspects of motivation, goals and mindset.

We speak with Josh Hinds, founder of Get Motivation and author of It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG! to understand what it takes to achieve success, stay motivated and pursue excellence in life.

We speak with Naz Murphie, founder of RYPL (Rock Your Purpose Live) on making the transition from the corporate world to getting started in pursuing her p ion and what it’s like at the start of the journey.

The course presents a framework to help you strategically set your life up for success. You will accomplish three core goals: 1. Discover your career and personal p ions, strengths and talents. 2. Build those talents and p ions into a career or business and life that makes you come alive, and 3. Reach a higher level of performance and sustain that performance so you can achieve greater success and fulfillment in your life.

That’s a key reason why I created this Academy. I have put together a process and a suite of exercises dedicated to your p ion discovery, development and implementation. The Academy has got you covered.

Definitely! Living your most p ionate, inspired and successful life can be achieved by anyone. However, it could take you a year, 5 years or 30 years to work out how to do this in your own life. The Academy guides you through the whole process for less than the cost of a single coaching session, enabling you to see immediate results in your life.

If you follow the simple, proven process that is presented in this Academy, you will have all of the tools necessary for creating and sustaining a more fulfilling and successful life. But you have to do the work. I have found that those who take the time to go through all of the materials and engage with others are the most successful.

Sure! I believe in making this as accessible as possible to everyone and I’m more than happy for you to use the exercises, tools and resources in your own coaching sessions. Just please let your clients know about the Academy… Read more…

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