Make Success Easy, achieving your goals by ending confusion

Make Success Easy, achieving your goals by ending confusion
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No matter whether we are looking to solve a problem in our relationship, our finances our health or our general happiness, it is fair to say that we work way too hard. The fact that we can feel that ‘something is wrong’ is evidence that something right exists! To uncover the solution we need to have clarity about what the problem actually is.

Your physical reality is an illusion starting from the very fact that it is not solid but billions of energy particles resonating at high speeds surrounding by particles of space. The sources of most problems are not where you think they are and you have probably been throwing the same conversation and actions at the problem and still having the same experience.

Unfortunately nobody presented us with a magnifying cl when we were born and told us where to look. All my books and articles help you understand the mechanics behind why things are happening in your life so you can rearrange them and experience movement the way you’d like (or probably much more than you imagined!)

Start clearing up the confusion in the area causing the most problems. Once you click below you may wonder why I have not included money as a problem area. This is because, w ver level of financial prosperity your spirit dreams about can be opened up to its flow by focusing on harmonising and enriching the other areas where there is "conflict, pain and struggle".

For years I was frustrated at why I spent so much of my time having to learn about webpages and source code so I could help my husband in our business. One day in a moment of explosive frustration my husband shouts "Aaaarrggh I wish humans were more like computers!" I laughed. "They work exactly like computers" I replied.

When we use the word self development we imagine that we are not enough and we need to do more or be more. The feeling alone tells us that we might not be thinking correctly. If you imagine yourself as one of those Russian dolls that are layered inside themselves (a babushka doll), it is a good visualisation of how all the answers are locked inside us. The real, authentic you with the blueprint to your prosperity is at the core. The mission is to simply uncover the fraudulent layers of yourself which are causing ‘a glitch in the matrix’ and sending ineffective instructions to your physical reality.

Watch your words.The power in your words can bring you life or death! It is said that those who can communicate well hold immense power. When you understand what happens with the utter of a word and its expressed meaning, it is easy to see why. Even as I have travelled and live in different countries, I can see the relationship between the language and the quality of people’s lives. A culture creates its language as a direct relationship with its beliefs. Are you harnessing the power of words or wasting so much time, energy and resources on much harder activities repairing the damage? Read more…

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