Mixed Martial Arts Fighting, Self Defence Fighting

Mixed Martial Arts Fighting, Self Defence Fighting
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"Learn How to Fight Quickly and Easily with the Brutal, No B.S. Street-fighting Tactics of an Ex-biker and Street Fighter that will Smash and Humiliate any Low-life S bag that Dares to Threaten Your Life!”

Warning! If you’re a believer in turn the other cheek or have a problem with seriously crippling street s that want to rob, or kill you, then this is not for you, however, if you want to give them what they deserve read on!!

If you’ve ever feared for your life walking down the street and want to know how you can cripple any low-life s bag that wants to hurt you or your loved ones… and fight with the ferocity of a seasoned street-fighter, that will put even the hardest of street "crims" in the hospital or morgue…then this will be the most important message that you’ll ever read.

"for real" – with the ferocity and viciousness of a seasoned street-fighter – a sociopathic mongrel who is only concerned with his own survival and how much pain they can inflict on unfortunate victims…no matter how unfit or inexperienced you are.

with the same secrets tactics and brutal efficiency used by military special forces all over the world in real life "kill or be killed" situations. Why? because they work in the real world where life and death is decided in an instant…

You’ll learn the secrets that separate the average street-fighter from the seasoned street crim’s and professional killers (the veterans of special forces units, street gang-bangers and ex-cons) who seem to magically…

…as you deal to every threat with brutal efficiency. Secrets that will greatly improve your self defensive survival in the street against any -hole that attempts to harm you, your partner or your kids.

Virtually every street-fighter who consistently wins fight after fight has developed and learned from others like him and from their scraps and skirmishes in the street… the secrets of how to fight for real… because their lives depended on it.

Now you too can train these easy-to-learn (but surprisingly little-known) secrets and advance your street-fighting and self defense from painful trial-and-error to an exact, predictable (but simple) science.

And the tragic part is, that unless you know these "insider" secrets, you’ll never be able to fight and protect yourself to anywhere near your full potential.

I want to share these very secrets with you — but first let me tell you the story of how I learned the critical secrets that utterly transformed my street-fighting and self defense ability, because for the longest time, I never even knew these secrets existed!

As a kid I grew up in a tough, working cl neighborhood and being academically minded was often picked on and bullied by the street "heavies" because I didn’t fit in – know what I mean?.

I always stuck up for myself but it was tough. Usually the biggest doing the bashing and often his f#*kin buddies joining in. I still remember, to this day, the times that forged my determination to learn how to fight so that I didnt have to put up with the bull and beatings so I could live and enjoy life.

Like the day my friend and I were walking home, through the park, from a day at the local pool, the sun was shining and we were really happy just being kids (I was 12) – then a local gang of kids surrounded us and the leader instructed one of his followers to give me a beating (I thought he was my friend too) my other friend just looked on.

…and the night, in my s, when travelling home on a ship from being away home for over 9 months – looking forward to seeing my family – and my cabin was invaded by three s bags, from the group I was with, who beat me senseless, just so they could get their kicks – part of which involved burning me with cigarettes – again as a "friend" just watched.

But this just made me tougher, mentally harder and more determined to develop myself so that I could stand alone and pulverize any low-life bastard who dared take me on.

A psychologist will probably say that my past experiences were what led me to the streets, to become a social misfit, looking for trouble and usually finding it, a life-style that ultimately led to becoming a violent, sadistic and out-of-control biker. It was here though that my education in the ways of the street and what real fighting was about started, it was here I learned by taking a lot of beatings and giving a few, learning how to fight because I had to.

After… Read more…

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