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Social Confidence System - Social Anxiety Solutions
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Systematically overcome social anxiety disorder. Techniques, tools, strategies, 1 on 1 coaching, and the Social Confidence System to become anxiety -free, feel confident about yourself, and relaxed and at ease around others.

If you want to severely reduce your social anxiety in just a few weeks, and with persistence become completely anxiety-free, my Social Confidence System (SCS) may be your ticket to freedom.

Contrary to what is taught in mainstream psychology, you do not need to force yourself to awkwardly face your fears. There is a smarter, more effective way to overcome your fears.

By applying Emotional Freedom Techniques in the right way (EFT is a gentle tapping technique that combines Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology and allows you to rapidly release negative emotions and negative limiting beliefs) you can become totally anxiety-free.

By systematically applying EFT to your social anxiety challenge (following the 9 step road-map to social confidence) you can feel calm, safe and at ease around others.

With the SCS you’ll discover step-by-step how to stop feeling anxious and start enjoying social situations.

Your social anxiety won’t vanish overnight, of course. But you can expect a progressive reduction in the severity of your social anxiety within days or weeks.

By following the easy guidance, you are in control of your results because you will be breaking down the social anxiety one safe step at a time following the 9-step roadmap of the SCS.

The Social Confidence System consists of articles, audios, and sub led videos guiding you to releasing your social anxiety in 9 steps.

Each of the 9 steps starts with a thorough, logical explanation as to why you will be doing the exercises to complete that step. After each step there is a checklist section making sure you understand everything.

After having read the explanation, you go through an exercise to uncover your unique challenges (while you might not know what they are now, the exercises -with lots of examples of clients I have worked with- will help you uncover them without a problem).

Then you follow along with the guided EFT tap along audios, or the guided EFT tap along videos that contain sub les where you are instructed to focus on your unique challenges you have uncovered.

You simply follow my lead, say what I say, do EFT tapping where I instruct you to tap, and follow the instructions you see in the sub led videos.

You are literally seeing me on camera telling you what to do and what to say. So you can’t make any mistakes because I guide you every step of the way.

As you do the EFT tapping and focus on your uncovered issues, the EFT tapping will release your negative emotions connected to the uncovered issues and step by step you are getting rid of the negative experiences and negative limiting beliefs that are responsible for the anxiety you experience in social situations.

It’s easy and there is a troubleshooting section in case you don’t get instant results. For each challenge there is a simple solution.

And if you ever really get stuck and the troubleshooting can’t get you past it (which is highly unlikely) you have direct email access to me and I will help you through it.

You can start immediately — no waiting for a package to arrive. Just place your order and you receive the login details to the 9-step Social Confidence System.

I’ve broken everything down into easily digestible chunks. That’s been my goal for you, making this as easy for you as possible.

You will be able to sit down for 30min a day, open the Social Confidence System and eliminate one of the building blocks of your social anxiety dungeon.

There is a finite amount of steps to take in order to become anxiety-free. While some of the 9 steps take longer than 30 min, and some steps will take you several 30min sessions, each time you sit down to do your inner work you’re getting one step closer to feeling free socially.

I’ve spent most of my s and twenties looking for *the* social anxiety cure, if such a thing actually existed. After a 10+ year search (& plenty of snake oil salesmen), I stumbled over the psychological equivalent of the holy grail: EFT; Sebastiaan’s EFT-based Social Confidence System.

I’ve made more headway in a few months using the SCS than the previous 10+ years of talk therapy, cog-behavioral therapy, hypnosis & affirmations combined.

My bad feelings towards people at work have lessened so much that I feel a bit of empathy with them, like I’m starting to understand where they are coming from.

I’m excited because I really feel… Read more…

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