101 Ways To Reduce Stress. A Stress Relief Ebook To Help You Manage Your Stress

101 Ways To Reduce Stress. A Stress Relief Ebook To Help You Manage Your Stress
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Most people feel that stress is part of modern life and that there is nothing you can do to stop this.

My name is Piers Cross and I live in the north of the UK. For the past 17 years I have been studying and practicing the art of happiness and stress management.

I currently live in one of the most beautiful places in the UK in the heart of the countryside. I have a life full of happiness teaching children and s, writing, being creative, and being surrounded by loving and beautiful friends.

I have a wonderful life: working from home, practicing yoga and meditation daily, surrounded by beautiful walks, swimming in the rivers, being my own boss and doing what I love.

And I have studied happiness and stress relief from some of the greatest teachers in the world. Who you ask?

I spent several years living as a Novice Buddhist monk in a Buddhist monastery. I studied with some of the most senior Buddhist monks in the West.

There was a recent survey where tests were carried out on different individuals. Their brainwaves were yzed and the results were published. It was found that Buddhist monks came out on top as being the happiest people alive.

Back in 2000 I was living a high flying life. I was working in London for a Fortune 500 publishing company. I had graduated from one of the top Business Schools in Europe and I was earning good money.

I started to go off on wonderful holidays around the world and was living in one of the most exclusive areas of London.

Within a few months my life was in turmoil. I had quit my job in the City in London, I split up with my long term partner and moved out of our shared accommodation. I also found out that my father had terminal cancer.

I started to work as temp so that I could go and help out with my father. It was very challenging and I spent quite a lot of time helping my step mother with my father. After he p ed away I had many questions and very few answers.

I even went to Africa to work as a volunteer for a year in order to try and find a way out of how I was feeling.

So I searched for something more, something more lasting. And so fate would have it (and it was definitely fate) I ended up visiting a Buddhist monastery.

I’ll be honest, it was far from easy. Actually it was so challenging at times that I wanted to leave on many occasions but I stuck at it and I learned so much. I learned the hard way but it was a way that stuck.

What I learned in the monastery is still with me and I expect it to be with me for the rest of this lifetime.

I learned how to be happy, how to be more joyful, how to deal with those difficult days and those damned right impossible days.

I learned what it means to be happy and what I could do when I wasn’t feeling happy. And I learned the stress management techniques to support this. I learned how to get in touch with myself and truly live the life of my dreams.

First, let’s be realistic… I would be lying if I said that what I will show you requires no work.

Because at the moment you’re probably doing things and spending time on things that are not making you happy. In all honesty they are probably making you unhappy.

I once heard a senior Thai Buddhist monk saying that all people want to be happy but the problem is that they keep picking up the wrong things. The things they pick up keep making them more unhappy.

I remember in my own life before the monastery how I would keep picking up things which would hurt me and others around me.

I kept doing them because there was no one to tell me that what I was doing didn’t make sense. In fact, everyone else around me thought that what I was doing was normal!

It was only when I got to the monastery did I finally start to see some sense. But then I did have some amazing guides.

I also teach you 29 Exercises For Health & Harmony.(update 2014: plus 15 new exercises) I have found that doing exercises helps to train the mind so that the techniques go in – not just on a mental level but on a deeper level.

Now… It’s fine for me to go on about how amazing these methods are as it’s my book… I’m going to be a little bit biased with how many benefits… Read more…

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