Get Rid Of Shyness

Get Rid Of Shyness
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How To Get Rid Of Your Shyness and Overcome Your Social Anxiety and Feel Good About Your Life and Making New Friends…

I’ll Show You How To End Your Problems With Shyness and Social Anxiety and How To Get Started On The Right Path To Easily Making New Friends and Loving Your Life Again!

If you always seem to be sitting at home instead of going out and enjoying yourself with your friends and family, why is that?

Make excuses when you are invited to go to a party that includes new people you did not know so you pretended you are too busy to go?

Avoid going new places so you don’t have to endure feelings of nervousness, stomach upset and social anxiety?

Have a hard time connecting with people and looking them in the eye when talking to them?

Avoid talking to strangers or going on a date because this fills you with so much fear and anxiety you feel sick to your stomach?

Feel the idea of getting up and talking in front of a group of people at work make you so ill you want to call in sick at work?

Shyness and social anxiety can cause you to be very FEARFUL of doing things wrong, or looking bad or saying the wrong thing, and just the thought of that happening to you makes you feel terrible — doesn’t it?

I can understand how the feelings of shame, embarr ment, inferiority and even self-hatred can make…

Shyness and social anxiety can put huge obstacles between you and things you would love to have, be and do in your life.

What would you do different if you were no longer shy and you did not feel any social anxiety anymore?

* How different your life would be if you could overcome your problems with shyness and self-doubt?

* How would your career be different if you could get up in front of a crowd and speak without worrying about stuttering?

* How would your social life change if you had friends you loved to hang out with and who loved you? * What would you do different with your love life?

I know how it is and how scared a person can feel in uncomfortable social situations and why you may feel that way.

It is easy to feel weak, shy, friendless, awkward, depressed and full of despair when you are not feeling confident about yourself.

Hi, my name is Rita Henderson, and I have lived with my shyness and social anxiety for many years…never going to parties always staying at home, all alone wasting my life watching T.V.

Then, one day I looked in the mirror and I could not believe how sad and how really old I looked — I tried to crack a smile and failed miserably.

That was the day… I finally got totally fed up with being lonely and living alone and not having any friends because I couldn’t remember the last time I had any fun!

But first, before I tell you what I did to get rid of my shyness and social anxiety, I want to talk with you about you and your feelings…

So what happened to you to make you feel you did not deserve to be loved, have companionship or friends, and be socially accepted as you are?

Because social anxiety fears and shy behaviors generally are a learned behavior, you do not normally have them when you are born.

Shyness is a ruthless enemy who punishes you with feelings of acute embarr ment, awkwardness and deep shame — and you do not need that negative belief about yourself — or do you?

Don’t you want to be more outgoing and have the courage to walk up to someone you would like to meet and talk to them? Sure you do!

Because the focus of this page is to show you what you are doing by keeping this ‘bad belief’ inside you — that ‘I am shy’ and why this negative belief in yourself is sabotaging your happiness!

When you were little were you afraid of the dark? Did you fear all sorts of monsters and bad things could happen to you when you laid in bed as a child? These feelings of insecurity went away when you turned on the light, didn’t they? That’s what I am about to reveal to you — is a way you can ‘turn on the light’ and scare away for good — all the bad feelings you get with your shyness and social anxiety!

Why is it we all have the feelings deep down inside us, if we are honest with ourselves, in that we feel we are ‘not quite good enough’?

The ‘inner feelings of love you bear for yourself’ will always be your friend and it will… Read more…

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