IQ SuperCharger TM

IQ SuperCharger TM
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Imagine feeling a little overwhelmed by your next project… stressed, not sure what direction to go, unclear, uncertain, afraid that you are going to fail, foggy and clogged… But not to worry…

I am excited to share with you something I’ve discovered that can help you. Put on your headphones, hit play and before you know it, your brain is in TURBO MODE!

No more worrying about getting stuck on a task, with that discouraging feeling eating you up inside.

No more spending far too much of your precious time on a task that really should only take a few minutes.

No more forgetting the details just when you need them, feeling foggy and unclear, or spinning your wheels without achieving much.

You’d never worry about being embarr ed again, because you’d always understand what even the smartest people are saying.

With your success growing, you’d say goodbye to any last little depressing feeling that maybe you aren’t successful.

You’d never have to show anyone what you’re doing. You could use this "turbo mode" in the privacy of your home or office, and enjoy the IQ-boosting power everywhere you go…

That’s right. This is a program that takes ZERRO EFFORT ON YOUR PART. All you do is sit back and listen to some gently pulsing tones. Nothing more!

These SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED sounds AUTOMATICALLY put your brain into a HIGH-PERFORMANCE STATE. The kind of state where:

You can start a project FAST, and complete it with machine-like efficiency… giving you more time to spend on the important things in life, AND more money at the end of the day!

You don’t just learn new material, you inhale it… plowing through through books and complicated information and remembering every word! (You’ll never feel intimidated by a complex subject again.)

Your productivity breaks all records, as you move from task to task with not a second’s wasted effort.

Hidden opportunities jump out at you, AND you have the confidence to act on them! (How many times have you said to yourself, "If only I’d been smart enough to take advantage of that earlier" …?)

"Writer’s block" is a thing of the past… words just flow when you want to communicate your thoughts!

Your memory is powerful and reliable, picking up every detail and keeping everything within easy reach. You can connect all the dots, see all the patterns, and you always know EXACTLY where you left your car keys!

You’re a charismatic and convincing speaker, you know exactly how to pull the facts together to persuade just about anyone! (Never feel outcl ed in an argument again.)

No matter how much information you have to deal with… you can handle it all, and you’ve got an instinct for using it to benefit you!

You’re confident, sure-footed, and decisive. You know what direction to take, you know it instantly, and you’re right!

When you act, you’re almost "spooky good" at making the right choice… ensuring you succeed even when it seems like everything’s stacked against you!

You fully unleash your potential as a human being, enjoying all that life has to offer. (Feeling "held back" or wondering why other people are getting ahead… is history!)

You’ll be thinking and working faster and more efficiently, getting more done, and becoming more and more successful!

This program even works as a super-fast learning tool. You’ll be able to pick up new skills and information faster than ever.

You’ll save valuable time and have ever larger amounts of information at your fingertips… and many new skills.

You’ll be able to take on tasks you never thought possible, amaze people with your abilities, and get more done than ever!

Introducing IQ Supercharger ™: The Breakthrough Program That Uses Your Brain’s Natural Response To Specific Sounds To Guide Your Mind To High-Performance States.

It takes advantage of mechanisms built-in to your mind that have been discovered by decades of scientific research.

When you hook someone up to an EEG brainwave-reading machine, the waves the machine detects are cl ified into five categories: delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. Delta waves are the slowest, appearing in deep sleep. Gamma are the fastest, appearing when you’re solving critical problems.

When the brain is stimulated by a specific consistent rhythm, the brain responds by synchronizing its own brainwave cycles to the same rhythm. This is commonly called the Frequency Following Response.

You don’t have to think or do anything. Just let it work! And, it works no matter what you were thinking or working on before.

As you listen, it actively trains your brain to STAY in this high-performance state. The beneficial effects will keep going… and going… and going… long after you stop listening. You’ll feel the performance boost throughout your day-to-day life!

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