9 Steps 2 Disability: Your Plan for Getting Social Security Disability

9 Steps 2 Disability: Your Plan for Getting Social Security Disability
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"Here is a Great 9 Step Plan That is Helping Social Security Disability and SSI Claimants Get Their Benefits from the Social Security Administration in Record Time!"

Getting Social Security Disability Benefits: Your 9 Step Individual Action Plan is a downloadable eBook Written by an Ex-Disability Claims Examiner That Shows You How to Navigate the SSA System. You Will Be Able to Provide Your Examiner with the Correct Information Needed So That If You Are Disabled, and Can No Longer Work, You Can Receive Your Benefits in the Least Amount of Time!

· Describe your disability using the same words and terms your disability examiner and medical consultants use.

· Get a quicker decision by knowing when to check on your claim at just the right time.

· Understand the clues found in your approval (or denial) letter that will help you determine your next best course of action.

Yes it’s true! The 9 Step Disability Individual Action Plan is an instantly downloadable eBook put together by an ex Social Security Disability Claims Examiner, and is designed to help you get an accurate disability decision in the least amount of time!

Having served as a disability adjudicator in two southeastern states, the author has processed thousands of claims for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Loretta Crosby is the editor and publisher of Social-Security-Disability-ESP.com, a popular informational site that receives more than 14,000 page views each month from individuals just like you who want to learn more about the disability process and what it takes to get a favorable decision on your claim.

"Now, you should note that I am not promising that you will win your disability claim as a lot of authors would, because there are just too many variables involved in the process for me to make a bold claim like that.

"Still, what I can and will say is that if you want to be clear about what will or will not help you when you apply for disability as seen from the eyes of a disability examiner, then this Guide will be of tremendous istance to you, and you should read on."

Because the 9 Step Plan will teach you how to complete your disability application using the same words and language the examiner and medical consultants use when deciding your claim. Why is it important to speak the same language? … So that nothing gets lost in the translation!

It’s called the language of “function”, and I will show you the exact words to use in describing how you are functioning now versus how you used to function prior to your impairment.

But what you might not know is that disability examiners receive no instructions to deny two out of every three claims. They are actually told to do w ver they can to allow your claim.

So what really happens after the examiner starts collecting your medical records, work history and other vocational information? What happens to make it all turn out so bad for 70% of applicants?

You see, while SSA trains its examiners to do all they can to collect enough information to approve your claim — if at all possible – it, at the same time, instructs them and their medical consultants to focus almost exclusively on determining an applicant’s “residual functioning capacity”. This is what a claimant is still able to do or not do given his or her particular impairments.

So, it could be legitimately said that disability examiners — and the medical consultants whom they collaborate with on your claim — really do not care how exotic sounding or typical your medical diagnosis might be, they care only about determining one thing, and one thing only:

"Can this individual do the basic ‘functions’ that are required in a work environment, whether it be his past work or other work he might learn to do, based on his age, education, work exertional level and previous work skill level."

This, of course, presumes that your medical records do indicate the presence of a severe, potentially disabling impairment.

Some conditions that you might consider disabling are not considered severe by SSA. Such information is included in the 9 Step Plan to help you decide whether your claim will past the severity test.

So what this 9 Step guide will teach you is how to present your case to the disability examiner so that he or she fully and clearly understands how your medical and/or psychological conditions limit your ability to “function” on a job, any job. And the Plan will show you what you need to do to keep the ball rolling on your claim so that you get an accurate decision as quickly as possible.

Now those are ambitious goals, but I can tell… Read more…

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