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I have to tell you the truth about Obamacare and how if you’re not careful it’s going to break your budget, sap your savings and generally wreck havoc on your finances or worse!

Look this is a sensitive issue, that’s why I’m trying to keep my iden y concealed, because other doctors and Obamacare supporters won’t like me revealing these secrets to you.

But I feel like I just can’t stay quiet any longer. You deserve to know the truth about Obamacare.

Obamacare has some pretty powerful supporters and there’s no doubt in my mind that they could have this site shut down in a heartbeat if that’s what they want do to –

So are you comfortable? Great, let me ask you a quick question: Have you seen the news lately? Obamacare has been all over it. There are headlines from USA Today saying:

There are articles from a variety of news sources saying: “Already 4.5 million insurance cancellations have gone out due to Obamacare!”

“Only 23 percent of 409 physicians queried are taking patients who signed up through Obamacare health exchanges!”

“At least 500,000 Californians may lose their health insurance this year — and that’s a conservative estimate.”

“Many doctors are upset that they will be paid less, often much less, to care for the millions of patients who are projected to buy coverage through the health law’s new insurance marketplaces … and that the lower pay may make it difficult for new enrollees to find a physician willing to accept them.”

“A doctor shortage is threatening to make the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act even more difficult — and it could create lines for care and services in the future.”

But it’s just not coming out fast enough for people like you who are facing difficult insurance choices! You need to know that you were lied to. We were all told that under Obamacare: Every American would have affordable health insurance. Average family insurance premiums would go down by $2,500 per year. If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. People would be able to keep their existing health insurance plan. Obamacare would not cause any new taxes.

· The people behind Obamacare believe that it is perfectly reasonable for you to pay 20% to 25% of your income on healthcare … WE KNOW IT’S NOT! The most inexpensive health plans will cost working families approximately $20,000 per year … AN OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNT! Many people have lost their health plans and can no longer see their preferred doctor! There are more than 20 new taxes ociated with Obamacare!

But the sad fact is Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, has p ed Congress, been signed into law and was OK’d by the Supreme Court … so it’s here to say.

Right now, many people are finding out that their healthcare costs are going to soar under Obamacare.

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones whose insurance company decided to keep offering your old policy for another year … but you’re still going to have to pick an Obamacare plan at the end of 2014!

In any case, you’ve come to the right place, until Obamacare backers shut me down I’m going to be here telling people like you the truth … telling you how to save money and avoid all the headaches Obamacare can cause.

We are still living in tough economic times, many people don’t have the extra money to pay much higher healthcare insurance premiums.

Plus, employers aren’t stupid … Obamacare requires them to offer insurance to any full-time employee.

You know what this means – many full-time employees are suddenly going to become part-time employees.

For us, healthcare has become a numbers game where to survive economically practices now need panels of3,000 or more patients per physician to be viable.

The inevitable result for patients: Appointments can take weeks to make and are rushed when they finally occur.

Because of the difficulty in accessing their physicians, patients are increasingly turning to the internet for answers to both simple and complicated medical questions.

The inevitable result for doctors: Long hours, high pressure, limited preventive care, and a feeling that this isn’t the kind of medicine they dreamed of when they first entered medical school.

In that regulation, the IRS declared that for the sake of Obamacare, full-time employment was considered 30 hours per week; breaking with the traditional 40 hours per week that has been considered full-time for decades.

The result of this is that people in the lowest paying jobs in the country have had their working hours lowered.

These people, most of whom work in restaurants… Read more…

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