Self Help Toolkit

Self Help Toolkit
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Today, we have more knowledge and information about how our minds work and how to improve our minds than ever before.

Because of all this knowledge, there are no more excuses to NOT begin taking advantage of this information and applying it to our daily lives.

"The Self Help Toolkit" accomplishes this. It’s a huge collection of digital guides and workbooks that anyone can use to start building a more happy and successful life.

It includes 50+ powerful tools and exercises, each described step-by-step so you know exactly how to transform them into your everyday life.

The good news is that these feelings can motivate you to make a change for the better – if you’re willing to start trying new things.

It’s common for us to have to go through a negative phase in our lives before we can come out a stronger person.

This is what "The Self Help Toolkit" is all about. It equips you with the tools you need to empower yourself when you are going through the inevitable obstacles and challenges that we all face in life.

Before I started learning about psychology and self-improvement, I have to admit my life was really bad. I suffered from incredible depression, anxiety, and lack of confidence.

It was all built up over years of never fitting in at school, being bullied and made fun of, never being comfortable around people, and having very little goals or p ions in life.

Life became a chore. I was at a point where I spent most of my days just lying in bed, sleeping, and barely eating.

I knew one thing and one thing only: I had to make a change, because this current path was unbearable and unlivable.

What was this change? It felt like I was choosing between “life” or “death.” Should I just end myself? Or should I give life one more chance and see where I can go with it?

It was at this moment that I wanted to learn more about psychology and the human mind. I figured my mind was the main source of all my troubles and depression, as well as my potential happiness and success.

For the first time, I’m giving away all of my discoveries about happiness and success to anyone who is willing to learn them.

This is the result of years and years of research into many different scientific fields, including: cognitive psychology, positive psychology, neuroscience, and social psychology.

I’ve been reading, thinking, and writing about how our minds work everyday for over 8 years now, including over 500 articles I’ve published on my website The Emotion Machine.

My point is: I literally eat, breathe, and crap this stuff on a daily basis. It’s a p ion of mine.

In the "Self Help Toolkit," I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and explained it in a simple and down-to-earth way that anyone can understand and begin applying to their life.

And the best part is what took me years and years of research and experimentation to discover, you can get access to in just a single day.

I really wish I could’ve had this information when I was first starting out. But it makes me happy that other people can now take advantage of this information too.

You’re probably smart enough to be a bit skeptical now. I’m the same way: I believe you always need to test something to see if it really works.

So I found 25 participants, told them to complete my "31 Day Workbook" (which is only one of many guides you’ll find here), and then had them measure their progress before and after.

As you can see above, the average "Happiness" score at the start was a low 54 out of 100. But by the end of the workbook, it went up to a healthy score of 76.

The results actually surprised me. Of course, I expected to see a positive change, but I didn’t expect to find that much change in just a short period of time.

Of course, everyone has their own version of happiness and success. Happiness for one person can look very different than happiness for another.

My goal isn’t to define "happiness" or "success" for you – or tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your life.

My goal is only to provide you with the tools and resources you need to find out what works best for you.

Like any toolkit, the tools inside can be used for any goal you choose to pursue. It’s ultimately up to you how you use it and apply it to your own life.

“I don’t understand how one person can give so much away for almost FREE! The Self Help Toolkit is a fantastic resource, which comes with many… Read more…

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