Self Esteem: Build a Positive Self Esteem Now!

Self Esteem: Build a Positive Self Esteem Now!
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See, you’re always evaluating your fitness to live. This evaluation goes on behind the scenes, every waking hour. You probably weren’t even aware you were doing it!

If you stop and think about it, you’ll realize what I’m talking about. And you may even recognize some of those statements…

Because your ‘self esteem meter’ is always running. You can’t shut it off. Nor would you want to.

Which is okay, except that doesn’t build self esteem. Instead, these ways – at best – are expressions of – rather than building blocks of – your self esteem.

Such as ‘outside validation’. That’s where you expect some thing or person or situation in the world to give you your self esteem.

Which never works. So you end up in a downward spiral; fighting harder and harder to get approval from the world. It creates a host of problems… too many to get into here.

My name is Mark Myhre, and I know firsthand what happens when you live every day of your life with a low self esteem. I know the downward spiral into depression it creates.

It was a lonely, painful existence where I spent so much time being a victim – feeling inadequate, not good enough, unworthy, not fit to even be a part of the human race…

I never thought I measured up, because I didn’t know what kind of ‘measuring stick’ I was using! Once I understood how self esteem was really built, it became a simple matter to change.

(Here’s what others have said about my emotional healing information since then.)

And I’m writing these words only for those who want to improve their self-esteem.

My wife and I learned a great deal about ourselves from listening to your self esteem secrets recording,

Don’t believe me? Every depressed person in the world is proving it every day. Why do you think low self esteem is always linked with depression?

Low self esteem equals negative thoughts and feelings. You can’t have one without the other. So this becomes another downward spiral.

And it’s costing us dearly. Cause when you’re caught in the grip of low self esteem, you can only think and feel in painful ways. Which lowers your self esteem even more. Which makes you think and feel even worse.

I just wanted to e-mail you and thank you for all the information [in your self esteem course]…

…the more people that know about what is happening to them the sooner they can start to enrich their lives and start healing themselves!!

It is like finding out a magical secret and the relief is just amazing, you start to look at the world around you in a whole new way!!

I am trying to live my life for me now, I appreciate the value of each day more.

Only seven. And that’s good news, because it’s easy to learn. In fact, I’ve created a little diagram that explains it all.

Once you learn these seven unique components, then I’ve got another diagram I call…

The Blueprint To Building Your Positive Self Esteem takes each of the seven components and turns them into an action step. It’s so easy, even a child can do it!

By the way, you first started building your self esteem when you were a child. Somewhere between the ages of five and ten you created a blueprint for building your self esteem. And you still use it today.

You learned the blueprint from your father. (Or father figure, if your real father was absent.)

What kind of self esteem did your father have? If it was strong, positive, healthy, real self esteem… you probably wouldn’t be reading these words right now. You wouldn’t have to.

(I’m not here to insult your father. I’m just telling you a few secrets about self esteem.)

If you want to know more secrets, you’re in luck. I’ve got the fast-track short cut to building self esteem.

It’s a complete Self-Esteem-Building Short Course – that tells you everything you need to know to Build a Positive Self Esteem.

And because people keep telling me they want more audio’s – I’ve recorded everything – the complete Self-Esteem-Building Short Course, onto seven audio files.

How your esteem compares to your value as a human. The difference between esteem and worth. Why you feel unworthy.

Why esteem is so elusive. Why you have negative thoughts and painful feelings, and how to change them.

Esteem is a need, not a preference. The difference between needs and preferences. Why you need self esteem to live.

I recorded this short audio as a review – or an overview – of the critically-important points we’ve covered up till now. Click the play on below to listen.

Here are the seven components of your self esteem. Whether you… Read more…

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