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Check me out at’m VA Accredited Attorney Gilbert Fleming. Last week, Harry called to tell me he received his first $2,054.00 monthly check from the Veterans.

Administration. When Harry…”broke his hip, his wife could not care for him by herself. They both moved into a very nice isted living facility. But it was a bit expensive. How were they going to pay for it?

Harry is a World War II veteran, so he is eligible for $2,054.00 a month to help reimburse his isted living care expenses.

All wartime veterans are eligible for this kind of istance. A wartime veteran is defined as someone who served at least 90 days of service, with an honorable discharge, during one of these periods of war:

This is a non-service-connected disability. That means that Harry was not required to have been injured in combat; Harry was not required to have ever served in combat; Harry was not even required to have served overseas. Merely because Harry served at least 90 days during one of these periods of war, he was eligible for up to $2,054.00 a month to help reimburse him for his isted living care.

If Harry died before his wife died, his wife (as a widow) would be eligible for $1,113.00 per month to reimburse her for her isted living care expenses.Harry had been told that he was not eligible for veterans’ benefits because he made too much money. Whoever told that to Harry just did not understand: the VA will allow a vet to subtract their medical expenses from their income. When we subtracted Harry’s unreimbursed medical expenses (including his isted living expenses) from his gross income, Harry was in fact eligible for $2,054.00 per month.

VA-Improved Pension for War Period Veterans: How the VA Helps Veterans Pay for their Assisted Living Expenses.

My book explains many of the VA regulations which seem downright confounding to veterans.My book is chocked full of examples of real-life cases we have won. Such as: How Bill’s extra $1,732.00 per month check from the VA made it possible to pay for his care at an isted living facility, and keep him out of the nursing home; How Sarah’s $1,113.00 per month VA widow’s benefit helped pay for a private room; Converting Mrs. Robertson’s net worth into income stream kept her out of the nursing home; For only $10, you can learn:

Mr. Burt keeps his personal residence;The Hansons’ horror story: $100,000.00 of unnecessary taxes;

This information-packed book can be downloaded for only $10.00. Is it worth $10.00 to find out if your loved one qualifies for as much as $2,054.00 per month in government benefits?VA-Improved Pension for War Period Veterans: How the VA Helps Veterans Pay for their Assisted Living Expenses.

I’ve seen so many veterans (and their widows) whose lives have been dramatically improved by receiving this government benefit. This is a benefit that the veteran earned by his service during World War II, or the Korean War, or the Vietnam War. Download my ebook to see if your loved one might be qualified for these benefits.

"Disclaimer: The information in this book is not to be considered legal advice. You should seek the istance of a knowlegdeable attorney in any legal action, including applying for government benefits. The purchase of this book does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Fleming Law Offices. Read more…

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