Pack-01 – 7 Second Stress Relief

Pack-01 - 7 Second Stress Relief
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Several years back, I got into a business on a hand shake, at the suggestion of and with friends of, my then wife. I got screwed over badly, lost everything. And I do mean everything; business, car, wife (she upped and went with the ‘friends’), house and pension monies. All in the space of about a week.

At the time I had my diabetic Mother and my son to look after, (his Mother didn’t want him when she upped and left).

I lost weight. I caught every cold and every ill bug going around, as a result of lowered immune system. I would go to be bed dog tired but wake after about two hours with a dreadful feeling of impending doom of some sort.

Whilst I was never contemplated anything drastic for myself, I clearly recall getting a momentary but very real, glimpse into the mind of the sort of person that shoots his family and then himself. It was in the small hours of the morning. I woke up in a cold sweat, terrified. Stress can do that to you. And it doesn’t stop.

It was a good idea but not easy to put into action. First, find a Master Trainer in my area. Second any NLP training is expensive and I’m penniless.

I managed to track down the only Master Trainer within 100 miles, met with him and worked a deal. If I could find enough paying people he would run a prac ioner course and count me in. I enrolled enough people, did the course and got my stress under control. And as a bonus, I certified as an NLP Prac ioner able to help others.

I got my stress under control, stopped catching every cold and bug going, slept at night, woke refreshed, thought rationally, made better decisions and started to put on weight. A little too much in fact! In short, I got my stress under control with proven techniques that work. And I have helped many others since then to do the same.

Your life could be better too. Will be better, when you get your stress under control, which you will.

When I say, ‘I know just how you are feeling’ you will realize it is very close to the truth. I may not have been through exactly w ver you are going through now. After all, we have different experiences but stress is stress.

I know all this because a few years back I was where you are now. I have experienced most if not all, of the above and more. Against that background I hope you will accept that I can empathies with your stress, no matter where it is coming from.

To make matters worse, apart from feeling crap most of the time, chronic stress will go from bad to worse and will – note I said will not may – affect your health.

At best it will affect your immune system leaving you susceptible to w ver bug is doing the rounds, be it a cold or flu or gastro. W ver it is, you are likely to come down with it. But far worse than the everyday bugs is the fact that stress has been shown to be closely linked to more serious medical problems such as elevated blood pressure and of course, heat attack.

So what did I do? I tried a lot of things, some just a tad weird and some decidedly ‘woo-woo’ or flakey. And I don’t do flakey very well. When finally I learnt and applied the wisdom contained in chapter 12 and the power of the techniques outlined in Chapter 13 my life changed. And I have never looked back.

I have taken everything I have read, learned and experienced over the years and distilled it into a simple course. There is no excess padding or verbiage. Some understanding of stress and the role it plays in your life is essential if you are to regain control and enjoy a stress less life.

AND I’ve included a BONUS mp3 being a short, (nine and a half minutes), guided meditation, for good measure.

Recommended by a friend this course is pretty much exactly what I was needing. It’s brief and to the point.  Chris gives you just enough knowledge to give you a better understanding of the role of stress in our lives, where it comes from and the importance of getting it under control.   I had no idea of what stress does to us, mentally and physically.

Apply the techniques and take note of some of the other practical advice and your life can only improve. I am definitely working on my self-talk. I had no idea that was so powerful and usually in a negative way. And the more I… Read more…

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