How to Coupon and Save Thousands –

How to Coupon and Save Thousands -
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Imagine for a second.. all of the items you buy on a month to month basis without coupons.. If its hard to consider, let me help you..

But dont worry, most people pay full price too. I paid full price for a long time until I discovered the power of using coupons effectively.

An overview of who I am and why I wrote this guide. This chapter is free! Click the Download link to the left to read it.

The first step is finding the coupons. This chapter outlines exactly where and how to find the best coupons.

When youre dealing with a mess of coupons, its key to organize! There are several methods Ive personally used, you decide which works best for you.

This is the most important chapter. Yes, there is actually a strategy to couponing! Few know it, and I let you in on the secrets.

One of the biggest motivators is seeing how quickly and how much you can save in such a short amount of time by couponing. Gain access to our web-based Coupon Savings Tracker!

In order to save a lot of money, you have to stick with it! This chapter is about motivation and keeping focused on the goal; Saving Money. Fortunately, very few members need motivation, saving HUNDREDS every month is enough!

Do you have a few minutes to spare every other day? OF COURSE! If I can do it, you certainly can too.

I have devoted an entire section to finding coupons, which reveals the many sources that I spent years finding! Finding good coupons and providing them to my members is what I do.

I have saved literally thousands of dollars by using my fast and easy method of couponing. I also dont view it as a h le, its become a thrilling hobby of mine and those Ive taught. Just imagine paying $5.00 on a $75.00 purchase!

With the many sources I provide in the Guide, youre almost certain to eventually stumble across a coupon youve been waiting for.

Do you have a few minutes to spare every other day? OF COURSE! If I can do it, you certainly can too. I know how difficult it can be finding time to do anything with a toddler, so Ive adapted my system to work for those who have little time!

Every member gains exclusive access to my weekly hot coupons directory. Theres no need to bother with that stuff, Ill do it for you!

This is a web-based coupon tracking system that allows you to quickly and easily track your savings.

Take your savings further by making money online! This is a 52 page guide written by my husband that will introduce you to all of the steps it takes to make money online!

Learn how to save money in various ways including: Fuel, Groceries, Taxes, "Fun Time", and much more!

The guide is available as a downloadable PDF and also readable from within our members area. .

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