Law of Attraction: Wealth Blueprint – Dr. Steve G. Jones

Law of Attraction: Wealth Blueprint - Dr. Steve G. Jones
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It’s a common pattern. A man or woman discovers the Law of Attraction through a book or movie. They see the power in the approach, and so they work to apply it.

Months p . Maybe years. And life stays exactly the same. They get frustrated. Eventually, they give up in disgust, and they’re left wondering…

My name is Dr. Steve J. Jones, and I’ve seen this process play out time after time. As a clinical hypnothe with 17+ years of experience, many of my clients visit me after they try to harness the Law of Attraction and fail. Where do they go wrong?

Known as the “Hollywood Hypnotist”, he’s helped hundreds become more successful, including such celebrities as Tom Mankiewiczv (Superman), Danny Bonaduce (The Partridge Family), and Jeraldine Saunders (Love Boat).

Given my profession — and as a man that credits his success to the Law of Attraction — it’s a topic of great interest to me. I’ve spent many long nights in pursuit of an answer.

And what I found is vital to the pursuit of wealth. It’s the difference between rising from “rags to riches”… and sinking into mediocrity.

Millionaires know about it, but this isn’t something taught in school. It’s the real reason, as they say, the rich get richer.

When I say the word “wealth”, what do you picture? Perhaps you see the shiny red sports car… or the white sands of Hawaii… or your dream house surrounded by lush, green acreage.

Maybe wealth means a loving, smiling family… or a great job where you’re respected… or the ability to help those in need.

All of these images exemplify wealth.  But there’s more to the story, and these “hidden chapters” reveal the path to true wealth.

My work has revealed to me the hidden essence of real wealth. And it isn’t what you might expect.

And I don’t mean this in a metaphorical sense. I’m being literal. Your behaviors ARE your wealth.

I mean, think about it – what’s the difference between Donald Trump and Joe Contractor? They have the same skills. They work in the same field. They’re both limited to the same 24 hour day.

The answer is simple. Trump has wealthy habits. Joe Contractor acts like an average contractor, and so he gets average results.

Do the right things and your wealth grows. Do the wrong things and your wealth depletes. The equation is that simple but it is NOT simplistic.

In truth, most of us live in a perpetual state of uncertainty. You know the things you want, but you’re unsure of how to get them. You want wealth and success, but you have no idea what a wealthy habit even looks like.

Once in a while, though… once every so often… the “mental clouds” part and you can see clearly. We all have these moments. You know exactly what you need to do to have a better life. You feel a total and unshakable confidence.

Yet those moments quickly fade. Life goes back to normal. But the fact that you’ve experienced such clarity proves it’s within you, and that it’s possible!

Mental clarity is the secret weapon of the wealthy. The shortcut to immense wealth is discovering how to part the “mental clouds” at will.

Every time a thought fires across your brain, it gains strength. The more you entertain that thought, the easier it is to keep entertaining it.

This is a physiological process known as synaptic plasticity. Basically, your brain “rewires” itself, making it easier to repeat your most common thoughts.

This is great when you grew up with money, and thus think positively about wealth. But this is very bad when you grew up struggling, and so harbor thoughts of lack and scarcity.

That feeling of mental clarity comes when you’re thoughts break free from common thought patterns, and enter a higher level. You can learn to elevate to this level at will, but you need the proper tools.

Otherwise, your mind will spiral back into old thought patterns. In other words, the “mental clouds” will reform.

And that’s where books like “The Secret” come off the tracks. Such books are excellent at detailing the raw power of the Law of Attraction…

But they don’t empower you towards mental clarity. They don’t discuss the key wealth habits.  And so they don’t provide all of the tools you need to succeed.

In fact, there has never been a resource that improves your mental clarity, outlines the wealth habits, AND obliterates obstacles to wealth.

It’s called the Wealth Blueprint because it’s a concise, step-by-step, “do this and then do that” guide to unleashing an… Read more…

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