Finding More Time

Finding More Time
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“Now you can have more time with your family, with your friends, with your hobbies, for play, for achievement, for simply enjoying your life! 501 Tips and Ideas For Finding MORE TIME For the Things You Love by Maria Gracia

What Customers Are Saying About Maria’s 501 Tips and Ideas For Finding MORE TIME “Maria, thank you for this treasure. For years, I’ve been struggling with a jam-packed schedule, no time for myself or my family and a no-end-in- sight outlook on my To Do list. “Since reading your book I can not believe how much more time I have every day for the things I really want to do. I love it!” — Nicky Carter Evadale, Texas “After reading ’500 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time for the Things You Love’ I’ve discovered so many areas in my life where I’ve been wasting my time. As I read this book, I found myself nodding in agreement. Page after page contained easy things I could start doing to save myself precious time each day. I’ve already applied dozens of the tips– and I only finished reading the book at few days ago.” — Rhonda Evans Macksburg, Ohio “Maria’s book has helped me make my ‘hectic, non- stop’ schedule a thing of the past. I’m actually doing things I enjoy and spending quality time with my family! If you want to be in control of your time, I highly recommend this book.” — Gerard Michaels, San Diego, California “Once again, Maria has written a true gem. ’500 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time’ is the perfect addition to the other Get Organized Now! reads. I’ve found it so easy to apply these time tips to my life. If you need more time don’t wait, get this book.” — Lilly Sanchez Manitoba, Canada “One of the things I just love about this book is that I can open it to any page at any time and be inspired! How much time have I saved? Ask my husband–who is absolutely floored by how much more productive I am, while being more relaxed than ever! In fact, he is so impressed, that he’s now reading this book too!” –Eleanor Preston New Jersey “I’ve always considered myself fairly organized, but I know there’s always room for improvement. “Your new book has shown me so many new time management ideas I’ve never even considered. It’s a wealth of information and I can’t imagine anyone who can’t benefit and save time in their day after reading it.” –Amelia Sellnow Ontario, Canada “The term ‘time management’ has always been scary for me. It sounds so difficult, especially for a right- brained person like myself. “Maria’s new book,’500 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time’ has been a God-send for me. It has simplified the concepts of time for me in a way I never thought possible. “Thanks, Maria, for a super-easy, time saving book” — Jane Wood Chatsworth, IA “Each day, I just apply one new idea, and lo and behold, that idea saves me time. These ideas are so do-able and I’m no longer trapped with a crazy schedule or an overwhelming to do list. Thanks for helping creative people like me find a way to start and get things done.” –Catherine Potts South Africa “I bought your new book, ’500 Tips and Ideas for Finding More Time for the Things You Love’ for my husband. He’s such a good man, but I’m very concerned that his stress- level, caused by his over- packed schedule–is affecting his health. “He’s already reading it and applying many of the ideas. In fact, last night at the dinner table he thanked me for this gift and told me it is making an enormous impact on his life. I so appreciate the expertise in this book and the fact that my husband has slowed down a bit and is even actually planning our next family vacation– something we haven’t done in years!” –Ava Phillips Hawaii

For a limited time you can get "501 Tips & Ideas for Finding More Time" for only $19.95 Format: Instant Download PDF E-Book Just think what you could do with an extra hour, or 2 hours per day. That comes to an extra 14 hours per week to do w ver you wish. Your time is precious. Become a master of your time and you get more out of life. Today is the day that you begin finding more time for the things you love. *** SEVEN FREE BONUSES *** Order by and you’ll also receive these additional bonuses, absolutely FREE! FREE BONUS #1 ($24 Value) Time Management for Creative People by Mark McGuinness It’s so easy to get side-tracked and lose control of your time. This is… Read more…

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