Inspiration For Those With Enemies

Inspiration For Those With Enemies
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Do you need inspiration? Haven’t you discovered that the closer you get to the Lord, the more your enemies try to stress you out? They can whisper and gossip on the job. They can act childish and unsupportive at the church.

The devil can even cause stress in your family. If it is not in your relationship or with children, it can be with other relatives.

This package provides the inspiration needed to navigate through enemies with joy and peace of mind. There is no need to entertain the negativity that enemies and cir stances nurture.

… my greatest credentials are that I am saved and know that God is active in being a great shepherd and host to those who trust in Him. You will never look at Psalms 23 the same, after you have experienced this "Inspiration" package.

- You will learn that you have a powerful protector who loves you and is looking out for your best interest. You are not dealing with your bills, health challenges, or relational drama alone.

- You will be inspired to trust the powerful protection and care of God. Trusting Him will keep you from worrying about enemies.

- You will learn that direction is being given to your life, and there are rest stops along the way. You are not just wandering from one problem to another without any rhyme or reason.

- You will be inspired to follow God’s direction for your life, instead of trying to make up your own directions. He knows what is best for you.

- You will learn that there is restoration for you. When you cannot go another step, there is strength for your weaknesses.

- You will be inspired to accept God’s restoration, even when you feel unworthy. He loves and restores you because of His name’s sake.

- You will learn that God has plans for you on the other side of the dangers and problems in your life. You are not just going into danger, but through danger.

- You will be inspired to trust that God will see you through the influence of your enemies. You are not destined to stay in the valley. You are going through.

- You will learn that God has overfilled cups of blessings for you. You don’t have to live from hand to mouth.

- You will be inspired to position your cup, so you can have more than you can handle. God has a pitcher of blessings to overfill your cup.

- You will learn that God’s blessings for your life don’t end with the grave. The will of God follows you all of days of both this life and the life to come.

- You will be inspired to face death with the great urance and joy that God is already waiting for you with more blessings and love. Death doesn’t have to be frightening.

- You don’t have to wait for shipping and handling. The entire package can be downloaded in minutes.

You will receive six full length sermons. Souls have been saved. The burdened and depressed have been uplifted. The fearful and stressed have received inspiration by these powerful sermons. Six full length CDs would cost at least $30 by themselves.

You will also receive a 42 page book of devotional messages that are a companion to the sermons. It is one thing to hear a great sermon. However, it feeds both your emotions and intellect, when you can read the thoughts being preached about. You can read at your own pace and revisit the material, whenever you need it. This book is a $10 value.

And then you receive a 48 page devotional journal that allows you to soak in the inspiration and transformative power of Psalms 23, in a twenty-three day period. There is a brief devotional commentary followed by self examination questions and a prayer. This journal helps you record what you are going to do to make sure you receive the joy, peace of mind, and blessings that God has for you. This book is a $10 value.

Thirty dollars plus $10 plus $10 equals $50. However, I really want the package to be a blessing to you, so we are offering the package for only $24.95. I’m able to give you this low price because of the format in which I will be sending you the package.

Instead of charging you for duplicating CDs, copying books, and then shipping and handling, I will be sending the package as downloadable files. Instead of waiting for days for the mail to come, within minutes after you order, you can begin listening to the audios and reading the PDF files. There will be a free PDF down load, if you need it. The downloads are Microsoft and Macintosh friendly.

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