Life Without Panic Attacks by Nicola Quinn

Life Without Panic Attacks by Nicola Quinn
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ISBN 1 873483 95 3 Published 2004 DragonRising Publishing

"My name is Nicola, and in the little snapshot you can see me in Paris, that’s the Eiffel Tower behind me. This picture was taken just a few weeks ago – I can travel now, I really have cured my anxiety and panic attacks and I am free!"

If you, or someone you love, suffers from anxiety and panic attacks you need to read my book.

"Each time I did something it was not nearly as bad as I had remembered because I was different now."

"I have known Nicola Quinn for many years, not just as an outstanding holistic prac ioner and teacher but also as a personal friend. As such, I was well aware of her struggle to overcome a problem from an older time which left its echoes and daily disturbances in the here-and-now. I have been present during her brave journey to reclaim her life, her creativity and her abilities to contribute to others. This book is not just an instruction manual, a sensible self help guide and an inspiration to others who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, but also immensely practical because she has really been there and has triumphed over the fears that were trying to hold her back. Her personal and practically useful approaches and step-by-step instructions on what to do are born out of personal experience, and that is invaluable. I sincerely wish and hope that others who have had their lives limited by panic attacks and paid the terrible cost of self esteem and self actualisation take this book to heart and allow Nicola to guide them, to inspire them, day by day, to do the treatments and find out for themselves how small triumphs build one after the other, until we emerge on the other side, free and clear. "Life Without Panic Attacks" is a wonderful, heartfelt aid, guide and inspiration, full of integrity and good common sense, gentle, supportive, but most of all, practical and workable – a true light at the end of the dark tunnel of fear. This is a book that will help many." Silvia Hartmann PhD Director, Association For Meridian Energy Therapies Author, "Adventures In EFT", "The Advanced Patterns of EFT"

Please don’t ask me to do things I can’t do. If I could do them I would have done. I know this and I’m not asking you to do anything you cannot do. This is not cognitive behaviour therapy where you have to learn to live with even more fear and get used to it. My approach uses a very simple technique called EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES but much more than that it is the WAY I used EFT to

COMPLETELY FREE MYSELF OF ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS that makes this book so very different.

"Everyone gets nervous about some things, everyone’s pulse rises at certain times, everyone feels sick at the thought of some things but with EFT you can get back to the normal highs and lows of everyday living confident that you will never again be overwhelmed by them."

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"When the fear has gone you can then risk feeling a shiver of delight at the smallest of things, or feeling your whole system being elevated at the beauty of a sunset, or the touch of a lover."

All the things you cannot do, cannot have, places you cannot go, even dreams you dare not dream because the pain is just too unbearable. And how many sunsets have you missed being inside?

You have been promised so many cures and let down time after time. Together we will take down this wall of fear one brick at a time using a SIMPLE TECHNIQUE which works. IT WORKED FOR ME AND IT WILL WORK FOR YOU TOO. This is not a miracle cure, I am not saying it is easy but I promise you, if you do everything I tell you to do, you will very soon be so proud of yourself.

"Life Without Panic Attacks is so clear and encouraging – and will be of immense help to lots of people.

I think it is particularly good how you outline all the different aspects that might need to be addressed. People who suffer from panics will definitely recognise that you know what you are talking about from your own experience. I will certainly recommend it to some of my clients.

It often seems to me that the worst feature of panic states is the fear of fear that develops – the panic being in itself a significant trauma, so that the syndrome is continually creating a kind of post traumatic stress disorder under its own steam… Read more…

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