Self Love Healing Meditation Program – How to Love Yourself Fully

Self Love Healing Meditation Program - How to Love Yourself Fully
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Already aware of the wonderful benefits of loving yourself…..but cannot seem to get rid of the voice of your inner critic?

Unable to stop being angry with yourself for being such a "failure", "loser" or "hopeless"?

Your situation may be nothing new. You have been in self-loathing for a long time. Till today, you cannot help but react negatively to the reflection that you see in the mirror. Your mind simply zeros in on your perceived imperfections, even though there could be a lot of things about yourself that make you uniquely beautiful.

However, despite making all these attempts, the positive effects do not last very long. You simply cannot stop yourself from going into the same debilitating self-talk patterns that drain your spirit. Your self-talk goes on and on like this….. “I . I myself. I am not good enough. I am a complete hopeless freak. Others will always be better than me. I cannot forgive myself. I feel horrible. I am not worthy. I am so ashamed of myself. I am such an idiot. I am a total mess. I don’t know what I am doing here." The point is you could already have started on your path to recovery but you have been experiencing little real results. The situation that you are in has not improved much. It does not take much for you to get emotionally disrupted quickly, due to some small trigger. Hence, things are far from being satisfactory and you are feeling disappointed with your progress or rather, the lack of it. You are about to declare that the whole notion of experiencing unconditional self-love as something that is humanly impossible. Well……don’t give up…..not just yet….. …..You could do with some help to raise your self-love quotient.

It was downright frustrating. I ended up beating myself even more, because I thought I ought to know better. My heart would bleed from internal self-inflicted wounds again. What a double whammy!

Well, needless to say, I eventually had to retreat into recovery and healing. There was no way I could function properly without first helping myself. Luckily, I had enough awareness to realize what I was doing to myself. With tremendous effort, I would pull myself up each day in order to function in the world. I kept praying and asking for help and insights. I applied energy healing techniques on myself. I attended healing sessions, tried various methods and read books on positive psychology. Then, over a number of such episodes, I began to see that complete self-love healing is not going to take place overnight. It will be ridiculous to expect an instant transformation especially if I had been directing anger and resentment inwards for years or even over lifetimes. I was expecting myself to be perfect. Even though I was experiencing vibrational shifts with the inner healing work that I had done, I was also hoping that my problems would completely disappear. Metaphorically, I was expecting to be a bullet train on a fast track to enlightenment! My unrealistic expectations were sabotaging the process of transformation for me.

Admittedly, there are people who undergo the experience of a spiritual awakening overnight. Take Bryon Katie, Eckhart Tolle or Neale Donald Walsch, for instance. Clearly, this was not the case for me. My ride has been bumpy!

I have cried buckets, gone on my knees, yelled four-letter words and walked the halls of despair a number of times. Eventually, I came to see that for the vast majority of people, enlightenment is not going to instantly either. More likely, self-love healing is going to be an integrative journey, one that can possibly take an entire lifetime. Old memories are likely to be triggered every now and then, and with deeper layers to address. Each time a deeper layer is released, greater freedom can be experienced.

What I can choose to be happy about is the long way that I have come since I first started realizing how resentful I was with myself. Admittedly, I would not have gotten this far….without going through my experiences.

I learned to laugh at my idiosyncrasies, caring less about fitting into a perfect mold. Over time, my episodes of self-beating just got less and less. The transition to recovery just got shorter and shorter. I was feeling more and more well over longer periods of time.

"Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else." – Eleanor Roosevelt

Let’s face it. Learning to love yourself unconditionally is not likely to be a one day affair. It takes patience, time, and continuous conscious awareness. If you have the expectations of a magical transformation, then you may possibly set yourself… Read more…

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