Covert Control – How To Gain Covert Control

Covert Control - How To Gain Covert Control
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As the world once again enters another point of evolution, one thing is clear: Now more than ever, the ability to connect with others effectively is vital if you want to get ahead.

The people that were expected to rise to the top like the college grads and corporate giants are scrambling for ways to stop drowning while the “black sheep” of the late 90’s are now holding the key to the promised land.

Luckily for me, I realized this truth about 15 years ago when I had to face the harsh reality that I was NOT smarter, more talented and certainly would NEVER be more educated than the average person.

But I also knew I wasn’t going to spend my life working a 9-5 that I d while being controlled by someone else or amounting to nothing without ever making a name for myself somehow.

My mom worked in a kitchen for the public school system and my dad had a few businesses that never went anywhere and was forced to work a job that he d at 60 years old.

The thought of doing anything that even resembled hard work or manual labor was something I dreaded.

Fast forward to 2012. Here I am sitting at my computer making 6 figures a year right from the comfort of my own home with the freedom and ability to what I want when I want like take my kids to school and wait for them when they get off the bus.

If I really wanted to I could log onto Expedia right now and book a trip to go anywhere in the world….no boss to ask for time off….no schedule to adhere to…no one to answer to except my wife and kids.

Covert Control is basically a set of techniques that can be used to gain control over virtually any situation that involves interaction with someone else.

So in a nutshell, it can be used in just about any situation except when you’re sitting in a room by yourself staring at the walls.

For everything else, like job interviews, negotiations, dating, opportunities, etc. there’s this power of Covert Control which basically served as my “get out of jail free” card that I used to navigate my way through life as an average person with above average goals.

I used it to get jobs before I had my own business that college grads would have normally got way before me.

And all it really boils down to is having the ability to get the help you need from other people by having hidden advantage of being able to control the way they respond to your needs.

For example, did you know that studies have shown that you can completely change a person’s answer to a question by simply changing the way you ask it?

In one study by Stanford professor Elizabeth Loftus, four groups of people who witnessed a car accident were asked to give their testimony as to what they saw.

That means the same question yielded 3 completely  different answers based on the way it was phrased.

More Proof That Changing Just One Word In A Sentence Can Make People Three Times More Likely To Say “Yes” To You

Not only can we alter the way people remember facts but you can also influence what they remember….

The first group was 3 times more likely to say yes than the second group and the only word that was changed was “the”.

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you could increase the amount of “yes’” that you get from people by simply knowing which words to use when talking to them.

Well I can tell you that most of what you think it takes to get what you want in life just isn’t enough.

It doesn’t matter how smart, good looking, educated, experienced, knowledgable or talented you are, if you don’t know how to connect with others effectively you are at a HUGE disadvantage.

And did you know that within that 2%, most self made millionaire’s never even graduated high school much less college?

They recognized the HUGE shift that the rest of the world is starting to experience a LONG time ago.

And that is the fact that you can have all the talent, ability, experience, knowledge and persistence in the world but if you can’t effectively get what you need from others, you’re at a HUGE disadvantage.

Today I want to offer you the opportunity to gain the advantage that you need to either get out from behind the 8 ball and start winning or just simply take your life to next level.

So today I want to… Read more…

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