Revolutionary Breathing Technique Relieves Stress and Helps Relax – The Ocean Breath

Revolutionary Breathing Technique Relieves Stress and Helps Relax - The Ocean Breath
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This is a no pun intended breath taking book. Its easy reading, simple, and yet profound. It holds the secret to health, well being and personal transformation. And to think its as easy as breathing in a certain way! Beautiful!

Air is free. We don’t rent it, pay for it, get it bottled, or even think about it that much. And yet, if we lose the air in our lungs, we die. We can survive without water for up to 4 days. We can survive without food for 3 weeks, but without air, we die within minutes.

And yet the air is so much more than survival. The Ocean Breath a method I am abut to explain, does so much more.

"This inspired book reveals with simple clarity the power of The Ocean Breath both to calm you if you are stressed or anxious and to awaken you to higher levels of consciousness in a matter of a few conscious breaths. It brings you directly to the safety of the moment where your humanness and your divinity merge. Like the ocean itself, it is calming and invigorating depending of what you need."

My book The Secrets of the Ocean Breath is a result of over 40 years of observation, experimentation, and teaching. The Ocean Breath is the breath Nature intended us to take but by the time weve reached our s, most of us have completely forgotten it.

“Thank you, Carla for such a gift! After seeing you my s which were kind of weak and not really satisfying became more powerful. Just before writing you I had an intense that was mind blowing. I can now relax enough to really feel all the sensations I was missing when I was preoccupied with my performance. My lover is now ecstatic and wants me to teach her the Ocean Breath” – David

“I notice that when I breathe with my nose into my upper chest I am thinking instead of feeling. There are times when thinking is essential, but not when I need to check in with myself about what I really want and need. When I make love I’m so glad that I can stay connected with my core and allow myself to surrender to my sensations. I’m now using the Ocean Breath anytime I don’t have to work and my life is much more expanded and fulfilling. Thank you for teaching me this magic Breath.” – Maggie

“I have never experienced a l . I used to force myself into having oral s, but they were short and not very fulfilling. After you showed me how to use the Ocean Breath I can have not one but many satisfying l s. I can now fully surrender to the many mind blowing sensations and let the happen. My husband was getting frustrated with our life and now we are both feeling excitement similar to what we had at the beginning of our relationship. Thanks” – Louise

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I can tell you many stories of how the Ocean Breath enriched the life of people I worked with. Here is another one:

“Carla, I’m sure you remember how full of self doubts and guilt I was about my uality. Thank you so much for teaching me the Ocean Breath. I’ve been practicing now 20 minutes every day before I go to work and during the day I remember to do some Ocean Breaths whenever I have a chance. It really helps me to decompress from stressful situations both at work and at home." – Angie

"I feel much better about myself. I’ve noticed something very amazing: I regained my ability to be spontaneous. Sometimes I’m stunned of how much I enjoy discovering new things and noticing details I never paid attention to when I was busy judging and criticizing either myself or others for not fitting into the picture of perfection I created. I can now experience and celebrate the sense of discovering. I now feel the enjoyment of my body and have a real connection with my lover. No room for guilt. I also feel healthier and stronger.” – John

"I used to believe that life was a struggle. And in fact my life was a struggle after another: my work, my health, my relationship, and even my breathing. It was hard to get enough air in to move as I wanted, and I was feeling old. After about 20 minutes of Ocean Breath with you I was calm enough to see clearly what had happened in my life. I had started this struggle pattern watching my mother representing herself as the greatest victim that ever existed. Well, I would… Read more…

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