Mind Mapping Software Online Business Productivity Internet Marketing

Mind Mapping Software Online Business Productivity Internet Marketing
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If you are looking for a way to turn your online income generation efforts from being something you do in your spare time that costs you money (i.e. an expensive hobby) into a proper revenue generating activity (i.e. a proper cash-cow business) then read every word in this letter.

If this is you then like me, you have bought into the Online Business Owner’s Dream of having that seemingly elusive Internet Lifestyle.

Have you also invested in a great Online Business Building product from one of the many credible gurus out there?

Courses about getting more traffic, creating portals, launching your products, creating membership sites, creating mini-sites, using Adwords, blogging etc, etc…the list goes on.

And if some or all of the above apply to you, is it possible that you have not made the progress you would have liked or indeed expected?

In fact with the progress I had made before I discovered the true secret of making my online business a success, I would have been embarr ed to admit just how much time and money I had spent on my online “Business” and received next to NOTHING in return.

Now if you are feeling frustrated because of your lack of progress and angry with yourself that you can’t get things going while everyone else online seems to be successful then that is exactly how I felt when I was in your shoes.

You see I was online for over 10 years and had spent tens of thousands of dollars on Internet Marketing Products and business building advice yet still I couldn’t seem to make any progress.

I felt stupid, I felt inadequate and it was extremely frustrating seeing others succeed who had got in business long after I had started mine

I felt my life was out of my control and it got the point where I was on the verge of giving up chasing my dream.

No a successful online business is one where the amount of revenue you generate is more than the costs of running the business.

My costs far exceeded my revenue – which wasn’t difficult because I did not have any revenues.

Now I couldn’t understand my lack of progress at all until I discovered the key building blocks of online business success and that I was missing one of them – probably the most crucial one.

If you look at all of the popular internet business success stories you will find there are three obvious to their success:

And today you will find that many of these successful and now wealthy internet business gurus sell us their Result and their Roadmap so that we too can repeat their success for ourselves.

There are too many examples of successful students taking these courses and making a success of them, so they do work.

Of course there are scams and poor “copycat” products but if you follow a respected internet marketing guru you will find their products are genuine.

I sometimes wish they didn’t work because then you and I could have a valid excuse for not creating the success they promised in their enticing launches and sales letters.

Well there is a secret missing ingredient to creating online business success that is rarely mentioned in these wonderful products.

It is so secret that some of these gurus aren’t even aware they have it (which is why they don’t tell us about it – they don’t know they have got it!).

It is a combination of how you manage your time, your attention and your mental and physical energy – if you like this is the WAY you build your business – I call that your resourcefulness.

You see it is no good being highly motivated, have the best business idea in the world that will take the internet by storm and have a step by step plan that works……if you don’t work the plan.

The trouble is, when we are trying to achieve great things then we have to overcome great obstacles and if we don’t have the resourcefulness to do that then……well frankly you will end up like I did….someone with a very expensive business “Hobby”.

So how do you develop resourcefulness so you can implement your roadmap, create your result and fulfil your reason for building an online business?

….your ability to get things done in the fastest, most efficient and effective possible way (your personal effectiveness)…

…the ability to connect everything together so you can control and manage all areas of your business from one central place.

15 years ago if you were reading this I would have only suggested that you develop your personal effectiveness to help move you forward.

However today it is… Read more…

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